Increase visitation with Attract.

Our CRM allows you to deliver smarter, data-driven marketing messages to your customers via email, SMS or social media. Attract seamlessly integrates with me&u and other platforms.

Know your customer

A unified customer view enables powerful personalisation.

Access me&u basket data

Create segments and journeys based on ordering behaviour.

Establish incremental revenue

Maximise ROI and efficiency with our reporting tools.

Turbocharge your marketing efforts

Create real-time customer segments based on your data and build personalised message journeys with triggered flows, time delays and A/B testing.

Order & opt-in

A customer places an order on me&u and opts-in to venue marketing

Gain customer data

me&u gains valuable customer data incl. personal attributes and basket data 

Create segments

Customer data flows into Attract in real time and is segmented based on conditions met

Run campaign

Right message to the right audience via email, SMS and social media

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