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About Howard Smith Wharves

Howard Smith Wharves boasts an exciting precinct of spots to drink and dine right on the Brisbane river in Australia. After laying largely abandoned since the 1960s, Howard Smith Wharves has been resurrected and revitalised into an incredible waterfront playground of bars, restaurants, pubs and event destinations. 

And at Felons’ Brewing Co., you’ll discover a bustling brewery in the heart of Brisbane, pouring local brews and slinging a menu spanning authentic wood-fired pizza to classic fish n’ chips.

“Being a hospitality venue owner, I couldn’t imagine not using the me&u software. It’s been a game changer for our business and I’m so excited to be using it in every one of the venues we open in the future.”
Adam Flaskas, Founder/Director Howard Smith Wharves

The Challenge 

Felons is run by a proud bunch of brewers and made with beer lovers in mind. But, with such a high-volume of customers, this expansive beer hall kept coming up against the difficult logistics of serving a big venue. 

As Felons General Manager Jimmie Gold explains, “it would often create bottlenecks and certain pinch points with bars and capacity.”

For guests, heading off to the bar and leaving their mates just to order another round wasn’t working either. And that’s where me&u came in. 

The Solution 

Felons Brewing Co. were searching for a smarter way to deliver exceptional guest experiences. So, they joined forces with the me&u team to cut down order wait times, boost team efficiencies and keep their customers happy. 

Seamless at-table ordering

Guests flocked to their venues to catch up with friends and family, not spend 20 minutes in the bar queue. By adding me&u to their tables, guests can tap, order and pay in just a few clicks and keep the conversation flowing, too. 

With smartphones in their back pocket, customers are already used to ordering rides and takeaway eats in a couple of taps. Now, they can do the same at their favourite Howard Smith Wharves venues with me&u’s premier at-table ordering solution at their fingertips.

Keeping guests in-venue for another round

me&u’s simple, seamless mobile app means guests can browse through menu items from their table and even reorder in seconds. With high-quality photography of each drink and dish, customers can see exactly what they’re about to order and let their eyes do the ordering. Now, customers are spending more and sticking around for another round thanks to the convenience of ordering via me&u.

Smarter data-driven decision-making 

As for the venue, me&u has enabled the Felons Brewing Co. team to make smarter decisions about service, too. With transparent data of sales volume, wait times and peak periods, the team can now forecast and manage service more efficiently with me&u. 

By transforming POS stations into dispense bars, Felons Brewing Co could focus on lowering wait times (dropped from 8 minutes to just 3 minutes) and a faster delivery of drinks to keep every guest happy.  From day one, the team have received world-class support for the me&u team to help get their venues up and running with the tech. Now, these venues don’t just see me&u as a piece of software on their tables, but as a collaborative partner to help their teams do what they do best. 

Serving the right menu at the right time

The team can  tailor their menu offering across different parts of their venue and at different times of the day with just a few taps. With me&u’s data by their side, Felons Brewing Co. are now making informed business decisions that boost their bottom line. 

And as Gold explains, me&u has the right tech in place to keep up with the demands of Felons Brewing Co.’s busy service periods. “We’ve done tens of thousands of transactions with very little issues, which is incredible.”

The Results

• 5 venues using me&u

• 421 tables using me&u

• 92% positive reviews

• Average order wait times dropped from 8 minutes to 3 minutes.

• 120k total me&u orders

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