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Let me&u do the hard work for your venue, with our endless list of features to ensure everything runs smoothly this busy season
We’re delivering you top feature tips and tricks to ensure your venue has a hassle-free peak season. At a time where customers are supporting their favourite hospitality venues and enjoying the festive spirit make sure you are ready to tackle those busy crowds with me&u. Here’s how we can help your venue operate smarter during the busiest time of the year and maximise your business’s overall turnover this silly season.

Gifts to staff and customers by using Wait Times in busy periods

Increased traffic in your venue and large groups can often result in service delays - no one wants to be left waiting for their meal. That’s why in order to be transparent with customers and reduce unhappy pub-goers this festive season, your venue could operate smarter with our wait time feature. Give customers visibility on any potential wait times on menu items they’re ordering to enhance their experience as expectations are managed at the start of the ordering process. This will keep staff and customers extremely happy - avoiding the hospitality Grinch.

Deck the halls with bells of One Docket!

When the silly season is just around the corner, it’s exciting - your venue is looking forward to welcoming guests and drawing in those big crowds to fill your venue’s capacity. However, you may also be worried about managing the increased workload that awaits you. 

Never fear me&u can easily tackle  busy crowds and multiple orders, the feature One Docket will help your staff manage the flow from tables to the kitchen and vice versa. Reduce the number of order dockets with me&u, as orders on the same table will print on a single docket. Reducing your admin, clutter and confusion by having every order in one place.

Rain, hail or shine, Santa Clause is coming to town

The weather can be as unpredictable as a rogue uncle! With me&u, venues have the ability to turn on and off specific service sections and outdoor areas. Starts raining, no problem, control service sections with the touch of a button. 

There are a busy few months coming up, and we’re here to help you manage it. With the large influx of customers celebrating the holidays, staff can often feel under the pump whilst maintaining the crowds with high quality service. At-table ordering can help to streamline processes and fasten the time taken getting food and drinks to the table by ordering more efficiently. The iconic Brisbane landmark, Howard Smith Wharves was able to slash food and drink wait times by over 50% by introducing me&u, which helped to reduce bottlenecks at the bar and streamline their sequence of service.

Send out your christmas card, quick!

Take your customer relationships to the next level and turbocharge them to entice your customers to return back to your venue quickly.

Here’s how it works: 

  1. Customers order off me&u and can opt-in to receive marketing emails
  2. Their data goes into your venue’s CRM, creating a customer profile
  3. Your venue utilises the CRM platform to create customisable facebook meta pixels sent out to your customer to drive repeat business through re-marketing with me&u 

Merry Christmas indeed. me&u’s tailored facebook meta pixel allows your business to leverage customers by delivering them advertisements, upcoming deals and exclusive opportunities available to get those customers back to your venue, in an incredibly cost effective manner. Our marketing platform can vastly reduce the time your venue takes to set up a marketing campaign and provide extraordinary value to increase customer loyalty and retention. 

With me&u’s festive features your business can maximise its profit potential and streamline your service sequence to tame those busy crowds. With me&u’s intuitive features your venue will be able to capture the biggest part of your revenue for the entire year. If the idea of happier customers, powerful data driven features, and increased turnover in your venue gets you excited, you’ve come to the right place. It’s the silly season we’ve all been waiting for so let’s get the party started, get me&u in your venue today if you’re keen to see how we can bring the Christmas spirit to your business. 

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