Here’s how me&u can help you operate smarter during the busiest time of year.

Get your venue summertime ready and tackle those busy crowds with me&u.

Lockdowns have lifted around the country, punters are coming out in droves to support their favourite hospitality venues and enjoying the warmer weather. But with a busy summer period comes the chaos of staying on top of everything.

That’s where me&u comes in.

Spring racing, Summer parties, long Sunday lunches in the sun are all fun and games for the customers, but can be overwhelming for hospitality staff and venue owners.

With me&u’s smarter features, we can help you to operate better this silly season.

me&u’s smarter features are here to help you manage the crowds during this busy period. 

Here’s how we can help you:

1. Group Tabs

Sick of chasing the bar tab owner at the end of the night, or getting asked how much is left on the tab every two minutes? With me&u’s Group Tabs feature, your guests can see and manage everything on their phone without leaving the table. 

You can:

  • Generate higher revenue: Tab owners are reminded when their tab reaches 20% and are prompted to increase their spending limit
  • Keep an eye on things: monitor all active tabs and easily keep RSA in check with the ability to close a Group Tab
  • Tailor any event: create custom menu packages that Tab owners can access

2. Wait Times

Say goodbye to those pesky “where’s my order” queries and help reduce pressure on your staff with our Wait Times feature. Let your customers know when to expect a longer wait before they place an order (and keep the good times going). 

Here’s how:

  • Mark categories on your menu with a Wait Time: we’ll let your customers know throughout the order process with a tag that indicates if a product is in hot commodity
  • Set permanent or temporary time ranges: Long Island Iced Teas might be popular at the start of Happy Hour but will taper off, whereas your chef would appreciate 20 minutes to cook a steak perfectly
  • Make bulk changes: no one has time to go in and edit everything all at once, that’s what our bulk order function is for

3. Sold Outs

Looks like chicken schnitty flew off the menu tonight and there are hungry punters wanting to order one. Quickly mark an item as sold out in an instant, avoiding guest disappointment.

You can:

  • Easily set temporary statuses: mark an item as ‘Sold out today’ and it will revert back to available the following day
  • Manage expectations: if you’ve sold out for the week, you can manage expectations by marking the item as ‘Unavailable’ until you receive more stock. This won’t change until you mark it as available again, meaning no accidental orders can be placed

4. One Docket

Managing the flow from tables to the kitchen or bar can be difficult. That's why we've made it easier with some of our powerful tools, like One Docket. Reduce the number of order dockets with me&u, as orders on the same table will print on a single docket. Your wait staff, bartenders, and chefs will thank us later.

It’s going to be a busy few months. Stay on top of public holidays and weekends with me&u’s Surcharges feature.

Easily set recurring or one off surcharges to get on top of the summertime madness. Select a start and end time, as well as surcharge percentage on the products you are adding a surcharge to.

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