How Bailey Brewing Co. were able to boost spend, team morale and staff tips with me&u

By utilising a visual menu, data-driven features and the foundations of a great partnership, Bailey Brewing Co. were able to streamline service, reduce bottlenecks and improve customer experiences.

The Background

Started by a father and his two sons, Bailey Brewing Co. is renowned for their craft beer, tasty food and impeccable service. Set in the picturesque Swan Valley in Western Australia, Bailey Brewing Co. pays homage to local legends within the community. Sourcing fresh local ingredients to create simple yet delicious beer is something that Bailey Brewing Co. prides itself on.

The Challenge

Being a large venue with over 100 tables, Bailey Brewing Co. struggled to manage queues at the bar when guests were ordering food and drinks.

Not only was it tricky to manage the overall logistics of such a large venue, the team at Bailey Brewing Co. had many areas within the business that needed to become more streamlined. Long wait times for customers when ordering at the bar and subsequent delays that followed were creating ongoing pain points for both staff and diners at Bailey Brewing Co. 

Waitstaff were stuck taking orders and pumping them out, rather than being able to properly engage with customers and explain the menu and diverse selection of beers to them. This meant that customers weren’t receiving the full extent of the magical experiences that the staff at Bailey Brewing Co. had to offer.

The team at Bailey Brewing Co. were in need of a seamless ordering experience that would allow them to operate smarter, meaning they could focus on providing exceptional service to their guests.

That’s where me&u came in.

The Solution 

Improving guest experience

Since the introduction of me&u, Bailey Brewing Co. has seen a massive reduction in bottlenecks at the bar. With a smarter way to order and pay, guests were free to reorder rounds of food and drinks without having to queue at the bar to order. Guests rejoiced, and the effects were felt almost instantly.  The average spend per head soared to $48 (that’s 42% higher than the industry average) thanks to features like smart upsells which recommends add ons at the cart based on the customer's previous order history and me&u's easy reordering feature which remembers guests orders and lets them order the last round again with a tap. Not to mention, the average customer rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars shows just how happy Bailey Brewing Co.’s customers are with me&u.

Boosting team efficiencies and morale

The implementation of me&u's at table ordering platform, along with our Enhanced Tipping feature has seen a monumental increase in staff tips of 500%. With guests enjoying their time at Bailey Brewing Co. and saving time by ordering through me&u, they’ve been able to sit back, let the good times roll, and reward staff. Reducing bottlenecks at the bar has meant that wait staff are able to spend more time providing excellent service to their guests. And to top it all off, the massive increase in staff tips has boosted team morale, and shifted the culture within Bailey Brewing Co.

Seamless integration with existing processes

From the very beginning, me&u was built for hospitality, by hospitality. That’s why me&u integrates seamlessly with venues’ existing processes, and Bailey Brewing Co. was no different. Integrating with Bailey Brewing Co.’s existing point-of-sale and venue management systems, me&u helped both the kitchen and bar to streamline orders. Smart features including One Docket set a holding time from when orders are placed to when they are received by the kitchen or bar. This stopped chefs and bartenders from being inundated by multiple dockets, and batched orders together so that orders from the same table can be prepared all at once, helping to get orders out faster and more efficiently.

The Results 

  • 42% increase in spend above industry average
  • 4.7/5 star rating from me&u customers
  • 500% increase in staff tips
  • 60% adoption rate of me&u

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