How Fletchergate Industries streamlined their sequence of service with me&u

Giving staff the chance to get out from behind the till and focus on providing top-notch service to every guest.

Dan Ellis is the Managing Director of Fletchergate Industries, Nottingham’s leading independent bar, restaurant and nightclub operator. 

The Background

Located in the heart of the East Midlands region of England, Nottingham is one of the UK’s most bustling, creative cities. As a hotspot for nightlife and top-notch eats, Fletchergate Industries is a leading operator with a stack of memorable hospitality venues under their belt.

Fletchergate’s portfolio spans the likes of The Magic Garden, Penny Lane, The Hockley Arts Club, and Das Kino (just to name a few). 

The Challenge 

Giving customers a seamless experience has always been a top priority for Fletchergate. But, customer expectations have continued to keep teams on their toes. 

“It’s all about convenience these days and we want everything at a hundred miles an hour, we want it now,” explains Fletchergate’s Managing Director Dan Ellis. 

Even with the best hospitality talent in their venues, human error was unavoidable. Between providing great customer service, taking orders and processing payments, staff were occasionally forgetting or mixing up orders (they’re only human after all). 

So, Fletchergate’s venues were on the hunt for a smart, tech-driven solution that could allow their team to focus on delivering great drinks, delicious food and impeccable service.

But, signing up for an app wasn’t going to best serve their customers or bottom line. Asking guests to download another app just to order a round of beers (especially when hopping between venues) would slow down the ordering process and deter guests from sticking around. 

The key was to find a new way of contactless ordering and payment that was easy for everyone to use from day one. And that’s where me&u came in.

The Solution 

No app, just a tap

Convenience was the biggest motivator for adding me&u to Fletchergate’s venues. The team wanted to make ordering and payment easier for guests, without asking them to download another app.

Instead, me&u allowed customers to simply scan a QR code and order through their smartphone in a few taps (no app downloads required). That freed up staff to refocus on crafting and delivering drinks in record time and gave them more time to engage with customers at the table (rather than behind the till).

Speeding up ordering and payment

Getting payment sorted straight-up was another big win for Fletchergate. Instead of running the risk of guests leaving without paying the bill, me&u ensured every order was paid for at the start. That meant staff weren’t left wondering about when to deliver bills, taking the guesswork out of service, too. 

“My staff would hands-down say me&u has made their life easier,” reveals Ellis. And even Fletchergate’s accountants are happy with the switch, with me&u streamlining analytics to give teams total transparency over sales stats from each venue. 

Boosting dwell time

With guests able to order and pay at their table with me&u, Fletchergate has seen longer dwell times from guests. There’s no need to queue at the bar or second-guess ordering another round. Instead, customers can easily scan and reorder in seconds, and even stick around for food (without waiting for a staff member to check-in with their table). 

This also lowers the chance of guests being deterred by long queues or deciding to head elsewhere for another drink.  For Fletchergate, giving customers the control to order and pay on their own terms (without leaving their table) has helped them keep guests in-venue for longer and spending more, too. 

A trusted hospitality ally

Right from the beginning, Fletchergate knew me&u was the best at-table ordering platform in the market. “After seeing me&u had been in the industry in Australia for four years… we knew they had everything in place right away,” tells Ellis. 

With me&u on their tables, Fletchergates guests are able to sit back and catch up with their friends, rather than head to the bar every time they want to order another round. 

The Results 

  • 5 venues using me&u
  • 239 tables using me&u
  • 99% usage of me&u across all venues
  • 41% incremental spend
  • £80k in additional revenue generated from me&u's smarter features

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