Lockdown winners as Covid changes shoppers habits

Businesses that have had to adapt to changing shopping trends during lockdown, and those that have boomed include Aqua Blu Australia, me&u Zoomo and CourierPlease.

This excerpt is taken from an article originally posted on The Australian on Friday, 8 October 2021.

It’s not all doom and gloom, for some companies the pandemic has been a boon with many experiencing a boom in business on the back of a once in a lifetime shift in the economy.

Despite the widely touted toll of the economic wrecking ball that has been the Covid-19 pandemic across the high streets of Australia’s cities and towns, some operations are doing well.

Businesses that don’t rely on open shops, or pivoted to meet shoppers at home have reaped the benefits.

Others that sit adjacent to the shift in the economic landscape, helping goods get from shut shops to shoppers in lockdown are making big cash.

The latest numbers from the corporate regulator reveals Australians are starting new businesses in their thousands. 

Between June and September 37,853 new ABNs were registered in the state of NSW.

That’s more than the 34,200 registered in NSW between February and May when the state’s economy was humming in the lull between the Palm Beach Cluster and the outburst of the delta variant of Covid-19 after its seeding in Bondi Westfield.


Sydney tech start-up me&u is hoping the way in which Australians have embraced QR codes will see it boom.

The tech company operating out of Surry Hills, has spent weeks preparing for the relaunch of dining with systems ready to go.

me&u’s ordering system, which allows guests to scan a QR code, load the menu and order drinks and meals without standing in line will reduce the burden on busy restaurants.

The shutting of international borders early in the pandemic has throttled the typical supply chain for restaurant waitstaff, while months of lockdowns across Sydney and Melbourne have further whittled away orders.

me&u founder Stevan Premutico said he expected the Monday reopen would see 500 restaurants on the platform.

“All our key partners, The Opera Bar, Merivale, the ALH Group, we’ve been working with those guys for a couple of months leading towards this date,” he said.

“Australians are desperate to get back out again. The venues are going to be slammed.”

Mr Premutico said an advantage of the ordering system is it minimised potential movement within a dining space.

“We want to be able to go out to our favourite venues and know we’re in a safe environment. If I can go out, rock up at a table tap and order and pay, if I don’t have to stand in a queue it makes me feel safer,” he said.

me&u has made strides in the UK since launching there a year ago, while its three-month-old foray into the United States is already bearing fruit,

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