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How to make this Silly Season the one to remember at your venue today with me&u’s strategies
At the pointy end of the year, pubs, bars, restaurants and venues are chock-a-block. As the celebrations are about to kick into full gear, it is without a doubt the busiest and most stressful time of year for the hospitality industry. 

To help you avoid the panic and best equip your venue for the upcoming silly season, me&u is here to prepare your business for the end of year rush and avoid the pitfalls of the silly season so that you can reap the benefits of increased sales, extra customer spend and attract more customers at this lucrative time of year.

Menu Optimisation for a stress free silly season! Lunch, dinner, drinks. Why not all? With the craze of the festive season customers are willing to celebrate more and purchase more. To best capture this demand, upsells are a jolly idea to maximise and increase sales, whilst giving your customers what they want. Lucky for your business, me&u will deliver upsells for you automatically giving customers the option to add that sneaky side of fries or a refreshing cocktail to rinse down their festive meal.

Last December, me&u was able to drive sales for venues adding an extra 5% in revenue and generated $3+ million from quicksells, how good does that sound. 

When it comes to deciding your festive menu it can be a difficult task, that’s why me&u has recorded the top selling drinks from December 2021 as a suggestion to gear up your menu and keep the sales rolling, with the drinks flowing.


Sharing is caring, take the pain away with Group Tabs. For functions, nothing screams the summertime festivities louder than a shared meal brimming with delicious food and ice cold drinks. However for staff, large parties can be extremely busy in which chasing up tabs can be a chore. It should be easier than it is for your staff, right?

Take the hassle out for your staff and streamline the process with me&u group tabs. Get the party started by easily inviting guests to the tab, they set the limit, then they can enjoy! That’s it. This feature is perfect for catch-up Christmas drinks with ex-colleagues, end of year work functions and long Saturday lunches. Keeping an eye on things just got even easier, with your ability to track orders and swiftly organise payments. We also allow your venue to create custom menu packages for functions and special occasions to elevate their experience on this special holiday. To ramp up the good times. We’ve got you covered by reminding your guests when their tab is running low and will prompt them to increase their limit, helping you drive more revenue. We’ve got your back this season! 

Venues have been loving this feature, just from Spring to Summer in 2021, the number of venues using Group Tabs increased by 183%. 

The secret to a successful season is utilising Promo Codes! Who doesn’t want to get that extra holiday $$? To keep those repeat visits coming, incentivise customers with exclusive holiday promotions to keep your door revolving with customers during this silly season. Promo codes will encourage customers to order and spend more when they visit your venue. Boost your overall sales, increase revenue and overall number of orders, all sorted through me&u. 

Peak season is the happiest time of year for hospitality. Why? Because it’s the time to capture the biggest part of your revenue for the entire year, right? With me&u’s Bulk Promo Codes your venue will be able to capture more revenue than traditional venues during this silly season capturing more customers and enticing their return to your venue quicker than ever. Bulk Promo Codes allows your venue to create lists of single use/multi use codes linked to a single promotion, imagine incentivising your guests to stay in-venue for another round.

Bright Brewery is reaping the me&u rewards who saw conversation rate skyrocketing from 59% to 67% after the implementation of Promo Codes. 

Increased traffic from the Summertime madness can be an opportunity to nail your venue with more repeat business into the New Year. By making the initial visit enjoyable, you’ll give customers a reason to return in the near future and turn into your regulars. Our marketing opt-in database is the best way to go about this and easy to implement, automatically connecting your customers when they opt-in for a receipt after ordering off me&u. 

Connecting with past customers can help two-fold. Firstly, you can remind people of your venue and drive foot traffic back to your venue. A targeted email marketing strategy will help you send out perfectly timed alerts or promotions that recapture interest.

me&u can turbocharge your business’s loyalty program where Solotel Groups database grows month by month thanks to me&u which increased by 108% just in October!
Get onboard to keep that holiday cheer up into the New Year. 

Takeaway is here! Stay open with our new takeaway feature. After a rough 2 years of turbulence venues have experienced with the pandemic and the rippling effect of staff shortages, me&u is here to help by extending your opening hours to allow your venue to maximise revenue injections during this festive season. 

We’re here to help you achieve longer opening hours and an increased turnover by switching on takeaway for your venue. Simply ask your account manager about turning on takeaway and we’ll get onto it straight away for your venue to start crunching higher numbers. Through either a URL on your venue's website from home or scanning the QR code in the venue, customers can place an order and choose a pick-up time to grab their order efficiently and for your business to land those extra sales!  

Christmas, Boxing Day, New Years, the peak season is here! In the spirit of helping hospitality businesses alleviate stress, me&u can deliver you strategies to maximise your business’s profitable potential during this busy season and make the busy season a bit less busy for your staff. 

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