me&u launches machine-learning feature

This market-leading feature is fun, frictionless and a game changer for your average basket size.

Introducing Quick Sells.

We have just launched a new market-leading AI up-sell, designed to boost the bottom line of operators. The feature is fun, frictionless and a game changer for average basket sizes in venues; all of the things me&u is about!

Check out the Quick Sell flow!
What's a Quick Sell? 

When your customer orders just drinks, me&u will suggest a quick and last-minute snack to add at the cart. 

But this isn’t your average upsell. We use machine-learning based on order trends to suggest the items most likely to be selected at that time.

For example, if your customers historically order Wedges on Friday night, or a salad at noon on Monday, those options will appear first in the quick sell options at the top of the checkout.

Everyone loves an impulse buy, especially when it's a snack. me&u predicts customer behaviour and makes it incredibly easy.

What do you need to do?

If you're an operator with me&u, nothing! 

Our algorithm crunches the numbers in the back-end daily to optimise what’s shown to your customer.

Every Quick Sell increases your revenue while you focus on creating magical customer experiences.

A Quick Sells’ tab will appear in your me&u Operator Portal. Here, you’ll see a performance dashboard that outlines the extra revenue you’ve made from the feature alone.

Want to learn more about Quick Sells?

Contact your Account Manager or our support team on 1800 632 638.

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