me&u October Wrap Up: 5 headlines from the hospitality industry last month

October was a record month for orders with me&u, and was a busy month for hospitality around the world. With lockdowns lifting around Australia, and venues tackling a staffing crisis, check out me&u's roundup of the key headlines and news from the industry below.

$66m in grants to be offered to NSW venues to expand dining spaces & revive the hospitality industry

The NSW Government is offering $5000 in grants to restaurants, bars and cafes and be able to expand their alfresco dining onto private property including car parks and gardens. The government will also provide two new Dine and Discover vouchers to the public to boost economic growth and spending after an extended period of time in lockdown.

Globally, 87% of hospitality operators believe technological adoption has been critical for survival throughout the pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown that automation and technology adoption have been a saviour for hospitality venues, who not only had to survive the pandemic but also staffing shortages. It’s becoming obvious that in order to relieve labour pressure, the hospitality sector needs to deploy technological solutions.

UK staycation market booming with additional £3.5bn to be contributed to the economy this year

The hospitality and leisuire industries are expected to contribute an additional £3.5bn to the UK economy this year after a strong rebound in sales after the country reopened. Research has shown that 94% of hospitality and leisure operators are confident about their growth in the coming year with a strong surge in staycation tourism trading post-lockdown.

UK hospitality operators have boosted pay and benefits to attract and retain staff amidst a staffing shortage crisis

With almost half of survey respondents struggling to retain staff, more than 30% of hospitality operators have boosted pay and benefits to combat this problem. At the same time, 38% of UK merchants are already operating with fewer employees, and 14% of venues have been forced to reduce opening hours. While this is happening, data from diners is showing that customers are split in being understanding or demanding towards staffing shortages, and only 22% of customers said they were tipping more to support their local restaurants.

Better training and education, perks, benefits and culture expected to make waves across the global hospitality industry

The COVID-19 Pandemic has drastically changed the way the hospitality industry works across the world. Many western countries cannot rely on backpackers or international workers to keep up with the demand for staffing. As a result, countries around the globe are pushing for better work/life balance, providing proper training and reducing opening hours to relieve pressure on and retain staff. Jobs within hospitality in countries like Italy, France and Australia aren’t seen as a last resort option, but rather a serious career. Other countries such as the UK and US are beginning to recognise this, and are responding to calls for better access to training.

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