me&u’s Promo Codes are here to help you create meaningful guest experiences

You’re in complete control with me&u’s Promo Codes. Take advantage of promotional campaigns, brand partnerships, seasonal events and ongoing customer engagement with me&u.

Setting up promotions and discount codes is now even easier with me&u’s all new feature.

Quick and easy to use, you can now manage your seasonal events, brand partnerships, and other promotional needs the smarter way (with me&u). We’ll help you to enhance your customers’ experience, help build a loyal customer base, attract new customers by creating meaningful customer and marketing engagement.

So, how does it work?

Built to compliment your venue's marketing efforts, Promo Codes lets you create more meaningful engagement with your guests to keep them coming back and spending more.

1. Select your promotion type: Percentage or Amount
2. Nominate a discount amount
3. Decide on any minimum spend requirements
4. Add restrictions: unlimited or limited redemption
5. Schedule your code: select start and end dates, nominate active dates and times
6. Nominate black out dates if applicable

Within me&u’s Operator Portal, you can create and edit types of order level promotions and discounts that your venue offers.

You can set up promo codes to run for a set period of time, or with no end date in mind. Select a start time, end time, and active days, as well as blackout days to pause your promotion on certain dates.

We’ve got all your needs covered.

Whether you select a percentage or dollar amount option for your promo code, you can restrict or allow your guests to use it as many times as you want. Here’s everything you need to know about the types of Promo Codes you can set up:

1. First time customer? Why not offer them a 10% discount they can use on their first drink

Code 10OFF gives users 10% off at checkout for a one time use

2. Reward big spenders with 20% off if they spend $40 or more

Code BIGSPENDER gives user 20% off if they spend at least $40

3. Why not reward loyal customers with $5 off when they spend more than $20

Code 5DOLLAR gives users $5 off at checkout when they spend more than $20

4. Everyone’s favourite hour is from 4-6pm!

Users can enter code HAPPYHOUR between 4-6pm Monday to Friday to get 15% off house drinks

5. Got a partnership with Tanqueray? Run a summer gin promotion to boost awareness

Enter code GINSUMMER 1 Dec - 28 Feb on any day except public holidays to get $4 off any gin order where cart total is over $20

6. Take advantage of the Easter Long Weekend and run an Easter promotion

Users can enter EASTER from 15-19 April between 5-10pm to get 10% off one order over $30

The benefit?

With me&u’s Promo Codes, you can:

Incentivise guests to stay in-venue for another round and build loyalty

A study by Harvard Business School has found that increasing customer retention rates by just 5% increases profits from 25% to 95%. me&u’s Promo Codes will help you to create meaningful engagement with your existing customer base that will keep them in-venue for another round, and keep them coming back for more.

Improve your overall sales, revenue and number of orders

While your transaction value may not be as high, me&u’s Promo Codes will encourage customers to order and spend more when they visit your venue. Boost your overall sales, increase revenue, and your number of orders by encouraging your guests to use Promo Codes.

Activate brand partnerships and increase marketing initiatives

Take advantage of marketing opportunities that me&u’s Promo Codes has to offer. Utilise brand partnerships and agreements to offer product specific Promo Codes to boost sales of a specific item on your menu.

Test effectiveness of targeted marketing and promotional campaigns

We’ll provide real time insights into how many times a Promo Code is used, what the code was used on and the final transaction value so that you can have all the information you need to see if your targeted marketing and promotional campaigns are working.

Encourage and incentivise new customers to visit the venue

It can be hard to encourage new customers to visit your venue, but with me&u’s Promo Codes you can make it easier for them by offering incentives to get them in the door. Why not offer a 10% discount on their first order to sweeten the deal?

There are a busy few months coming up, and we’re here to help you manage it.

We’ve put together a promotional calendar so you can plan ahead and set up your promotions ahead of schedule.

Still got questions?

Not to worry. We’ve got all your bases covered with our Frequently Asked Questions.