New Feature: Introducing Group Tabs

Group Tabs was built with venues’ needs at its forefront. Take the hassle out of large groups & events with me&u.

Today marks the launch of a product that venue operators have been asking for, for a long time. Introducing Group Tabs, an all new feature from me&u, helping venues manage large groups and events with ease.

Getting partygoers to organise their tab can be a chore. Creating limited menus and following them, keeping track of who’s on the tab, and staying on top of expenses should be way easier than it is, right?

Our new Group Tabs feature takes the hassle out of large groups and events. Custom menu packages, spending limits, and keeping an eye on things just became that much easier. 

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Taking the pain away from hosting events or functions, our Group Tabs feature has been designed with venues’ needs at the forefront. 

The Group Tabs feature alleviates key problems with hosting large groups & events in your venue.

Tell me more:

  • Generate higher revenue from Group Tabs: Group Tab owners will be sent a reminder when their tab reaches 20%, and can increase their tab spending limit with a simple tap in the app
  • Don’t want cocktails or steaks on the Group Tab? No worries, me&u has that sorted with the ability to create custom menus & function packages that best suit you and your guests
  • Integration is key: Group Tabs integrates seamlessly with existing me&u services and venue point-of-sale systems
  • Say goodbye to chasing tab owners at the end of the night: Group Tab owners can set up and pay for their tab within the me&u app. They’ll also receive a consolidated invoice of all transactions made within the Group Tab making it way easier for them to claim expenses
  • Got a function that spans across your venue? Group Tab customers won’t be limited to table numbers, helping you to better manage your venue
  • Track spending with ease: Guests will be able to view all orders placed and track spending at all times while the Group Tab is live

Let’s get the party started.

If Group Tabs has you excited for the future of hospitality and how me&u can help your venue operate smarter, drop us a line here.

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