New Feature: Operate Smarter with Wait Times

Busy kitchen? Let your customers know about longer wait times than usual.

Today, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of Wait Times, a new feature that venue operators have been asking for to help better manage expectations with customers.

Whether your chef has got a tomahawk steak that’s firing away or your bar is slammed with cocktail requests on a Saturday night, we know it can be tricky managing customer expectations when things take a little longer than usual.

With Wait Times, you can now let customers know when to expect a longer wait before they place an order and keep the good times going. Say goodbye to those “where’s my order?” enquiries.

Ingredients for success

While some scenarios are easy enough to predict, like the time it takes to prepare a steak when a customer places an order, others may be a little trickier - like an unexpected party of ten arriving all at once and ordering espresso martinis.

Speaking with multiple hospitality owners, we know there are a lot of different ways in which venues operate so we’ve created our Wait Times feature with that in mind to give you flexibility. 

Here’s the rundown of how Wait Times can help you operate smarter in your venues:

  • Mark categories on your menu with a Wait Time. We’ll let your customers know throughout the ordering process with a tag that displays when they first land on your menu, while they’re browsing through different categories, and on the product page right before they add an item to their order. 
  • Set time ranges to revert back after a busy period. If you know long island ice teas are a hot commodity at the start of a party, but tend to taper off later into the evening, you can wipe the wait time clear after a set period of time. Alternatively, if you know your chef always needs at least 20 minutes to perfectly cook a steak to order, you can leave a wait time set permanently. 
  • Make bulk changes to multiple categories at once. No one has time to go in and edit everything all at once. Spend more time with your customers and less time managing your menu with our bulk order function that’ll make it easier to manage multiple categories all at once.

Tap into these great perks

It’s no surprise that managing expectations on wait times in your hospitality venue can go a long way in keeping the good times flowing for your customers and encouraging them to come back. You’ll also save the kitchen from the receiving end from the constant banging of their doors asking for an update on when their food will arrive. 

Take a look at how Wait Times creates a better experience in your venue for everyone.

  • Give customers visibility on potential wait times. Letting your customers know before they order might encourage them to make strategic choices on items with less preparation time if they’re in a rush. It could be the difference between a G & T and a long island iced tea being ordered during happy hour.
  • Manage expectations on wait times to reduce enquiries. Enable your team to keep operations running smoothly, especially during peak hours of service. That’s more time for your team to focus on dispensing drinks at the bar, and less time answering “where’s my food?”. 
  • Reduce negative feedback or reviews from customers. When long wait times aren’t managed well, everyone misses out. Prevent your guests from leaving (your venue and a not-so-nice review!) by communicating with them right from the get go.

Let’s get the party started

If the idea of happier customers and a smarter menu for ordering food and drinks in your venues gets you excited, say hello to me&u today HERE.