Reigniting Hospitality: 10 Trends to Help You Operate Smarter Post-COVID

We’ve run the numbers and chatted with the best in the business to help you build back smarter post-COVID.

Anyone who works in hospo will know that the outbreaks, lockdowns and restrictions have been bloody tough. But, we’ve always come out the other side.

We’re ready to bounce back.

It's time to come together and refocus on what we do best: Serving Australia.

In this report, we’ve combined me&u data from the past 16 months with commentary from some of Australia’s most popular venues to help you bounce back.

Read on to find out the answers to questions like:

  • How much more can we expect Aussies to spend in hospitality when restrictions ease?
  • With more Aussies working from home, what’s the new time for happy hour?
  • Who are the states with the most generous tippers?
  • Which drinks are Aussies most likely raising a glass with post-lockdown?
  • What are some key trends Venue Operators should be watching post-COVID to redesign their spaces and workflows to better serve their customers?

Insights are just a tap away.

Download the report for free over HERE.

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