The boom of the local pub.

me&u data show three interesting trends in our eating and drinking patterns

The boom of the local pub.

As James O’Doherty reports in the Daily Telegraph, NSW suburban venues have experienced an incredible spike in orders over the past year.

me&u data show three interesting trends in our eating and drinking patterns, including the boom in the suburbs, increase in average spend and the slow comeback of CBD venues. 

Suburban orders are on the rise.

Since the start of COVID, we’ve seen a 14% increase in orders in suburban venues, as the local pub becomes the go-to place for many Australians working from home. 

me&u Founder Steven Premutico said the data shows the “enduring appeal of the local pub is stronger than ever”.

As people work from home either full or part-time, popping in for a bite or beer mid-week has also become increasingly more common. 

As Solotel Group CEO, Elliot Solomon said, it’s “great to see people coming to their local for a midweek lunch or afternoon catch-up.” 

People are spending more. 

According to our data, pubs across NSW are now at 70% of their pre-COVID patronage levels. People are excited to support the hospitality industry and connect with friends and family, especially after long periods of lockdown. Our data showed a 28% spike in average spend in June last year, following the first three-month lockdown.

The CBD is slowly bouncing back.

Orders in CBD venues have unfortunately shrunk 23% year-on-year over the past 12 months.

“Whilst it is great to see suburbs are on the rise, the CBD data is of concern, demonstrating once again how much CBD venues, the lifeblood of our city, need everyone’s support,” said Stevan. 

Although, the good news is that numbers are slowly on the rise. Since December 2020, we’re seeing CBD venues bouncing back at a faster rate than those in the suburbs, in-line with the easing of restrictions and a push to get back into the office.

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James O’Doherty | 31/03/21

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