5 new product features to kick off 2023!

We’re excited to announce the most recent feature launches across Venue Manager and Operator Portal!

We are always striving to deliver features that help you manage your venue smarter. And we’re excited to announce the most recent feature launches across the Venue Manager and Operator Portal products! We’ve listened to all your valuable feedback and put a lot of hard work into these features to make your venue operations more efficient.

1. Service Visualiser 

We have redesigned and revamped the service scheduler in the Operator Portal. This new feature displays active services in a way that gives you clear visibility, making it easier to digest information and resulting in quicker interactions with services! 

Here’s what Service Visualiser can do for you:

Enhances visibility 

  • View services in a calendar view (no more chunky list view!) 
  • View services in a day or week view or use a date picker 
  • Colour themed service blocks giving you familiarity with each service 
  • Mobile friendly view 

Streamlines operations 

  • Easy to identify the current active service 
  • Using the service details, at a glance you’re able to determine what service you are interacting with 
  • Ability to identify where there are gaps in services 
  • Ability to filter via sections 

Read more here.

2. Individual Beacon Management 

Your venue can now disable individual beacons and tables within a section in Venue Manager. You can disable the beacon for set periods of time or indefinitely. This feature will allow you to control the responsible service of alcohol more specifically to certain tables instead of whole sections. The end user will be notified with a message that their section is not accepting orders. Read more here.

3. Venue Manager Permissions 

Give your venue staff the right access to Venue Manager with multiple Manager Permissions! These permissions will automatically be available to update in the me&u Operator Portal. 

Below is a breakdown of our 5 fit-for purpose permission levels you will be able to assign to your staff:

What can they do? View and manage menu item availability. View only orders, takeaway and sections page. 

What can they do? Basic access plus manage menu categories, update product categories and items, and disable individual beacons. 

What can they do? Advanced access plus view and download financial records and sales takings report. 

What can they do? Finance access plus manage sections.

What can they do? Supervisor access plus modify customer orders including takeaway cancellations and refund permissions.

Read more here.

4. Demo Mode Enhancements 

We’ve enhanced and simplified the Demo Mode Experience for you! Test your venue’s menu and ordering experience whilst running a live service, without needing to turn your whole venue into demo mode. Demo mode now has clear red bubbles in the operator portal and order app to inform that payment will not be processed. Read more here.

5. % Per Item Promotions

There is a new promotion type to choose from called “Pricelist”. This allows you to choose a price list that the promotion code enables. You can use this to configure specific menu pricing per product or modifier, like you would a normal price list. This new feature is supported by all POS that support promotions. Read more here.

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