Cheers to International Beer Day: Unraveling Australia's Frothy Obsession!

Raise your glasses, beer enthusiasts, because International Beer Day is finally here!

Raise your glasses, beer enthusiasts, because International Beer Day is finally here! We’re celebrating the golden brew that holds a special place in our hearts with a deep dive into the frothy habits and drinking culture around the world.


It’s no surprise that Lager takes the crown in Australia, reigning supreme in the beer market. Our data shows that Lager was the most ordered beer across all states in the past year. We're applauding our mates over at Tassie for taking the cake as the biggest Lager lovers in the country. With Tasmanians leading with 80% of beer sales, the Northern Territory follows with 62% of their beer shares being lager, and Queensland not far behind at 56%.

To take it over to the US, we’re also seeing upward trends with Lager, accounting for approximately 87% of the beer market. However, the UK has taken a different turn, with standard lager witnessing a major decline in market share; from 28% to 19% post-covid1


Australians, If you’re a pint lover in Victoria, you might want to brace yourself, because you're being charged 7% more than your fellow beer enthusiasts. Residents of ACT have also been forking out an extra 7% more than the rest of the nation. Similarly, if you’re in the Northern Territory, you get to enjoy a jug with a 22% premium.

Similarly, the US is also seeing some disproportionate pricing between each state. Starting with a whopping 30% markup on the average beer price in New York City, it records the highest priced pint thus far2. In comparison, Oklahoma seems to witness the most affordable beer scene, costing only 2% of their annual income2.


Despite the rising fame that lager is riding, it might not get to hog all the limelight for long. Our data show that over the past 12 months, Pacific Ale and Pale Ale have been giving it a run for its money. me&u data shows Pacific Ale has been making waves and gaining popularity rapidly, experiencing the highest uplift in orders over the past 12 months. While Lager and Pacific Ale seem to have steady sales, Pale Ale has seen a remarkable uplift in sales since January 2023, nipping at Lager’s heel for that top spot.

Over to the states, India Pale Ale (IPA) is also taking up space in the limelight, especially in the West Coast, who love the casual bitterness IPA gives3. Meanwhile, an obsession with craft beer is on the rise in the UK, with 65% of people now preferring it over mainstream beers4 .

With these exciting new insights, we’re all set to celebrate our favourite brew with newfound knowledge and appreciation. And if you’re thirsty for more insights, have a look at our other blog posts while you cheer for the beer-lovers around the world.


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