Keep the momentum going in 2022 with the new and improved Enhanced Modifier feature from me&u.

We’ve taken the time to bring you a more streamlined me&u experience with updates to our Enhanced Modifiers feature.

We’ve optimised our existing Enhanced Modifiers feature so that you can focus on working smarter, not harder.

The possibilities are endless when using me&u’s Enhanced Modifiers feature. Complete with all new types of modifiers, improved user experience, and increased flexibility and control over your menu, we’ve ticked all the boxes so you don’t have to worry.

Smarter features are just a tap away

We’ve introduced three new types of modifiers to make optimising your menu a breeze.

New Modifier Types

With New Modifier Types, you can now easily set up different types of rules for each of your modifiers. This means your guests can select as many modifiers as you allow them to. 

Choose between the following options to fit your different menu offerings:

Exactly: your customers must select the precise amount of options available
For example, if you want to set up a tasting paddle of five beers, you can require your guests to choose exactly five options.

Unlimited: your customers can choose as many options as they like
For example, your guests can select an unlimited number of add-ons for their beef burger, i.e. extra cheese, extra patty, bacon, avocado, etc.

At Least: Your guests must choose the minimum, but there is no maximum
For example, if your guest has selected a beer, they must choose between a pint, schooner or jug. They must select at least one option, but can select more if they want.

Up To: There is no minimum quantity, but there is a maximum your guests can select
For example, your guest is ordering a beef snack pack where they can select up to two sauces. They can choose any number of sauces up to two, including no sauce at all.

Between: Your guest must select between the minimum and maximum selections available
For example, they are ordering a poke bowl where they can choose their base and need to select between one to two options, i.e. cabbage and/or sushi rice

Multi Select Modifiers

Introducing Multi Select Modifiers, meaning you can now choose how many times a single modifier can be selected. Sitting alongside the New Modifier Types rules, you can use these two together to allow guests to select a single modifier as many times as you let them.

For example, you can let your customers select three tacos for Taco Tuesday, and they may select three of the same tacos, or three different tacos without needing three separate pages to do so.

Nested Modifiers

You can now set up more complex products and limit guest confusion by nesting a modifier within another modifier. This is perfect for those products where there are more selections to be made after a guest has made their first choice. You can also select whether the additional nested modifier is required or optional based on the product offering.

For example, if your guest adds a cup of coffee to their order, they can then select the type of coffee, milk choice, and other options such as extra shot or extra hot.

So, what does this mean for you?

Improved menu optimisation that works for you, your guests, and your bottom line

With Enhanced Modifiers, you can now customise your menu even more, create complex product offerings without confusing your staff and guests, and boost spend while you’re at it. Last year, our Enhanced Modifiers feature drove $15.1m in incremental spend, and it’s only going up from here.

Improved guest experience (happy guests = happy staff)

We’ve made massive improvements to your guests’ experience when using me&u at your venue - and they’ll thank us for it. With the introduction of Multi Select, Nested, and New Modifier Types, we’ve eliminated the endless scroll of multiple lists of menu items and consolidated everything into the one list, so your guests can say goodbye to never ending scroll, and say hello to easy ordering.

Still got questions?

Not to worry. We’ve got all your bases covered with our Frequently Asked Questions.

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