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Time-based Menu. Happy hour from 4-6pm? Display a curated offering during peak times of the day.

Smart Customization. AI features let you serve customer recommendations based on your sales data.

Manage Wait Times. Busy kitchen? Let customers know when to expect longer preparation times before they order.

Why partner with me&u?

me&u has partnered with the Texas Restaurant Association (TRA) as a MVP! This exclusive partnership serves to support TRA’s members and set them up for success with me&u. By joining up to me&u you can be a part of the transformation of the hospitality industry.

  • Customers spend up to 30% more on me&u
  • The most dynamic and personalized order and pay platform
  • Turn over tables faster and grow tips

Find out why 99% of customers would prefer to use me&u and unlock your special TRA offer today!

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