From Challenges to Triumph: How Hello Oriental Transformed Customer Satisfaction

Say hello to happy customers with Hello Oriental’s secret strategy to fighting industry challenges in a post-pandemic landscape

About Hello Oriental

Hello Oriental; the restaurant dubbed as “A Northern powerhouse of Asian Street Food” by The Times. Located in the vibrant city of Manchester, Hello Oriental is a renowned restaurant that brings a taste of the Far East to the heart of the UK. With its fusion of traditional and modern flavours, Hello Oriental offers a unique dining experience that satisfies the cravings of both adventurous food enthusiasts and those seeking familiar favourites. With its warm and inviting ambiance, attentive staff, and a commitment to culinary excellence, Hello Oriental promises an unforgettable dining experience that transports guests to the rich and diverse culinary landscape of the Orient.

The Challenge

Despite its recent emergence in the hospitality industry, Hello Oriental has become a go-to spot for locals, but success hasn’t come without its challenges. Labour shortages put pressure on operational routines and customer service. Pair that with the dynamic nature of consumers and the industry,  Hello Oriental needed an innovative solution to help overcome these challenges.  Using me&u’s technology,  Hello Oriental could minimise these issues, reduce human error and enhance consumer satisfaction.

"Straight from the off it felt like a good fit. It had all the features that we needed on there in terms of accessibility, easy use, being able to run promotions and featured products” 

Azim, Hello Oriental Managing Director

Azim, Hello Oriental Managing Director

The Solution

Introducing smart technology

According to Azim Kourah, the Managing Director of Hello Oriental, "Technology plays a big part" in overcoming the challenges faced by the hospitality industry. With the implementation of me&u's fully integrated solution, the restaurant has witnessed great efficiency and customer satisfaction. Josh Cosnett, the head of account management at me&u, explains, "We've got a fully integrated solution that addresses the key challenges faced by the hospitality industry”.

Customers can now simply scan a QR code and immerse themselves in an interactive virtual experience with me&u. They can explore the menu, receive personalised suggestions, and place their orders seamlessly. It also allows Hello Oriental to customise their virtual menu, highlighting daily specials and promotions. This helps track customers dining preferences and incentivise repeat business.

Efficiency at its finest

Hello Oriental Restaurants have taken a leap into the future of dining by implementing me&u's smart technology, and the results have been astounding. According to Josh Cosnett, me&u's head of account management, “we’ve engineered the menu in such a way that it drives revenue at every single opportunity. We then gather the data and then utilise that to create intelligent upsells. In that time we’ve generated over £25,000 worth of additional revenue for the business”. 

Kevin Dixon, Tevalis’ Director of Partnerships adds by praising how me&u's technology turns tables faster than traditional service methods. He emphasises how “it enables synchronicities between POS and at table ordering and it enables some of the best features in our back of house”. It has also improved order accuracy and reduced the risk of human error. With at-table ordering, the likelihood of slow service or inaccurate orders is virtually eliminated. As a result, Hello Oriental has seen increased customer satisfaction and a significant boost in efficiency.

Happy people, Happy Oriental

Smart technology has not only improved operational efficiency but also significantly enhanced customer satisfaction. Josh Cosnett, the head of account management at me&u, highlights the positive impact by stating, "It allowed our servers at Hello Oriental to spend more time with the guest and engage with them, and ultimately that led to a 98.5% satisfaction rate."

By streamlining the ordering process and eliminating the need for manual service, me&u has revolutionised the dining experience at Hello Oriental. Kevin acknowledges this by saying, "Ultimately, it turns tables a lot quicker than the traditional table service or where manual service will slow that down." With me&u's at-table ordering solution, customers can place their orders seamlessly, resulting in faster service and quicker table turnover. This has not only improved the overall dining experience but also allowed Hello Oriental to accommodate a larger number of guests, increasing their revenue potential.

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From Challenges to Triumph: How Hello Oriental Transformed Customer SatisfactionFrom Challenges to Triumph: How Hello Oriental Transformed Customer Satisfaction