TM Group achieves efficiency and consistency across all venues with me&u

TM Group enhanced their customer experiences with an easy scan, order and pay.

About TM Group

TM Group is a dynamic hospitality company that boasts an impressive collection of venues, each with its own unique charm and character. From the elegant and sophisticated atmosphere of The Ambertone to the enchanting oasis of Tilly’s Garden, TM Group offers a diverse range of dining and entertainment experiences to suit every occasion. Whether you’re seeking a vibrant night out at CY, a relaxed and inviting atmosphere at The Wellard, the warm and welcoming ambiance of The Byford, or the lively energetic vibe of Hybla Tavern, TM Group has something for everyone. With a commitment to exceptional service, delectable cruising, and memorable experiences, TM Group is dedicated to ensuring that every visit to their venues is an unforgettable one.

The Challenge

While TM Group prides itself on delivering outstanding experiences across its diverse portfolio of venues, it has not been without its fair share of challenges. Operating multiple venues with diverse themes and maintaining consistent quality and service is a complex task for many venues. Acknowledging these challenges found in the industry, TM Group has committed to overcome these obstacles through continuous improvement and implementation of me&u’s smart technology to exceed customer expectations.

"I would recommend me&u because it is a solid product, customers feedback is taken into consideration and support is great"

Vincenzo Torsiello, Service & Beverage Manager

Vincenzo Torsiello, Service & Beverage Manager

The Solution

Numerous features: 

TM Group has implemented numerous features that have significantly contributed to enhancing operations and customer satisfaction. Vincenzo Torsiello, the service and beverage manager of TM Group, highlights that the function he uses is one that updates “wait times during service, blocking off areas in case of Functions or Events, Availability of products and we should definitely use the 'featured products' better”. This feature enables them to provide accurate information for customers, reducing frustration and improving the overall dining experience. Vincenzo also exclaims that his “favourite latest addition is the single table block off which helps us with RSA compliance without affecting whole areas and the fact that other providers like me&u don't have that in place yet gives you an advantage”.

By leveraging these numerous features, TM Group has streamlined operations, enhancing compliance and improving the overall customer experience. Their focus on utilising these features effectively and continuously improving their usage allows TM Group to stay ahead of competition and deliver exceptional service to valued guests.


The introduction of QR ordering has proven to be a game-changer, especially during busy periods. Vincenzo supports this as he highlights that “more people rely on QR ordering during busy times to skip the queue and also families to avoid leaving the kids. Less awkward for people to pay as they do it on the go rather than splitting at the end”. This convenient feature allows customers to place their orders without waiting in long queues, ensuring a seamless and efficient dining experience.

By implementing this dynamic system, TM Group has been able to improve staff efficiency. Vincenzo agrees that it has ensured “more control on a dynamic system that integrates well with what we do and adds to the customer's experience”. By utilising these innovative tools, TM Group empowers its staff to deliver exceptional service, enabling them to focus on providing a memorable and personalised experience to each customer.

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Through these efficiency-enhancing measures, TM Group has successfully optimised their operations, ensuring smoother processes, reducing wait times and improving customer satisfaction. Get in touch to see how your venue can achieve this too.

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TM Group achieves efficiency and consistency across all venues with me&uTM Group achieves efficiency and consistency across all venues with me&u