Watch the tip jar fill up as Hideaway Kitchen and Bar tapped on with me&u

Learn how Hideaway Kitchen and Bar increased their tips, efficiency and revenue overall with smart technology.

About Hideaway Kitchen and Bar

Hideaway Kitchen and Bar is a restaurant that takes you on a culinary experience with a mild Texan twist. As a treasure of central Texas, Hideaway offers an eclectic menu, taking you on a wild journey while you enjoy the cosy, relaxing environment that reflects the easygoing life in Austin. Serving up the best cocktails and flavourful dishes, take advantage of the full service bar and lounge that is available all day long. Now if you’re looking to sit back, relax and bask in a flavour fest, Hideaway’s your new go to.

The Challenge

Just like any other food venue in the world, Covid-19 rolled around, causing a rise in staff shortages and issues concerning operational efficiencies. With the restriction of operating hours and social distancing policies in place, Hideaway, just like other venues, faced difficulties in managing daily operations without the bustling streets it had previously seen. As restrictions eased and people were comfortable again, Hideaway jumped back into action and that’s when me&u came to help.

"me&u fit our business model perfectly. As a casual dining experience, that wants to push as much volume through as possible, AND as a restaurant that can be very seasonal, me&u works amazingly well. I would recommend it to anyone with a similar business model as us"

Dennis Bane, Head Chef and General Manager at Hideaway Kitchen & Bar

Dennis Bane, Head Chef and General Manager at Hideaway Kitchen & Bar

The Solution

More tips? Yes please 

More tips while interacting less with customers? We like the sound of that. Especially seen post-pandemic, individuals have been more wary of maintaining hygiene and forms of physical distance to ensure a germ free environment. This is where me&u comes in. Staff at Hideaway Kitchen and Bar have “adopted me&u wholeheartedly. It gives them a chance to work with less people on their shift and make more money. The guest ordering for themselves takes a lot of work off of their plate, and allows them to do things that are important for the guest experience”.

On top of that Dennis emphasises that “tips have increased for the servers overall, because less servers are needed to cover more tables. Average spending is up overall, because guests can place as many add ons as they want, they can order second rounds, and overall the spending is easier for them to do”.


Efficiency is what we like to see for our venues at me&u. Giving guests the opportunity to order for themselves just by scanning a QR code allows for a more efficient flow while also reducing human error. Dennis at Hideaway Kitchen and Bar has been able to see this through when joining us, resulting in the rearrangement of front of the house processes. He explains that “Our front of the house process went from an order at the counter process, to the option for guests to order for themselves at the table, OR order at the counter, whichever is more convenient for them”. With these changes, Hideaway has gotten “orders in quicker, and turned the tables faster”, increasing the convenience and efficiency levels overall.

Revenue and sales: 

We value revenue and sales just as much as you do. That’s why we’re happy to see our venues grow in sales and revenue when joining me&u, which has clearly been the case with Hideaway Kitchen and Bar. According to Dennis, they've seen a change in the amount of add ons a table will order. Seeing all the options gives them a great chance to upsell themselves”. Consequently, they’ve seen sales increase due to their “ability to get orders quickly” and thus “turn tables faster”. As employees aren’t as fixated on taking orders and completing mediocre tasks, they are able to focus on delivering faster service, enhancing customer dining experiences.

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Overall, Hideaway has generously rated me&u as a 9.9/10, where everything was “as close to perfect as it can get”. If you'd like to streamline your ordering process and get ahead in sales and efficiency, contact us and leave the hard work to our experts..

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Watch the tip jar fill up as Hideaway Kitchen and Bar tapped on with me&uWatch the tip jar fill up as Hideaway Kitchen and Bar tapped on with me&u