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Find out how Par 59 has had huge success and positive feedback with me&u’s smart features

Discover how this unique bar implemented at-table, contactless ordering and payment at their venue and achieved more streamlined and efficient operations.

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Par 59

Par 59 is an exciting new venue venture that currently has two locations in the UK, Cardiff & Bristol. They offer a premier bar experience with a twist. Both their venues present a stylish atmosphere and casual style dining with a premium drinks list and of course - funky mini golf and state of the art darts - to create the ultimate adults-only destination. Whether spending time with friends or catching up with someone special, Par 59 offers an unrivalled atmosphere - and a little healthy competition.

The challenge

Par 59 first implemented me&u at their Cardiff venue in October 2021. Since then they have also activated me&u’s contactless, at-table ordering at their newer venue in Bristol. Since launching with me&u they have found customers are more comfortable in their venue and are able to really ease into the activities on offer as the games aren’t disrupted by people going to the bar to order.

I’d 100% recommend it to anyone thinking about using an app service. We looked at a lot of different companies and feel that me&u deliver on all levels that we need.

Jamie Humphry’s, Managing Director of Par 59

The solution

We have worked with Par 59 to set up an order and pay experience that would help the team improve their margins and deliver increased spend per guest, without detracting from the overall experience.

Implementing smart features

me&u’s QR code, menu ordering system has been great for the venue during times of low staff numbers. me&u has also streamlined Par 59’s business operations and back of house, with customers getting their exact orders as quickly as possible. Their venues have been able to take advantage of all the various me&u features in the back end of the product, such as wait times, docket merging and order holding. Jamie Humphry’s, Managing Director of Par 59, commented on the wait times feature saying:  “It’s really easy to see if we are starting to get busy, we can put delays on the app and it’s easy for the customers to understand. I’ve always found that if you make the customer aware that they’ve got a wait on an order, then they’re more than happy to wait.” 

Positive feedback 

me&u allows for more efficient operations and the staff at Par 59 are able to focus on providing the best customer service. Our customer satisfaction surveys have reflected this, over the last 12 months, Par 59 Cardiff has received an average positive rating for me&u of 94.9%. 

When we asked Jamie Humphry, Would you recommend me&u to other businesses?, his answer was “I’d 100% recommend it to anyone thinking about using an app service. We looked at a lot of different companies and feel that me&u deliver on all levels that we need.” 

We love seeing our customers thriving and receiving the positive feedback that me&u is truly making a difference to their businesses, for the better! Get in contact with us today to find out how me&u contactless ordering can be a part of your venue!

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