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Hospitality means flexibility, so we created Flex - a two-way ordering solution for your venue.

Greater flexibility

Let your guests choose how they order and pay without sacrificing the experience - through the server or via the QR.

Serve more tables

Turn tables faster and manage larger sections with ease while boosting revenue and tips.

Capture more data

Table ordering helps you collect more data, enabling you to send more effective, personalised communications to your guests.

Smart features

Dynamic upsells and cross-sells, advanced batching and automatic tips help do the selling for you, boosting sales and reducing admin.




Greet and seat

Host greets guests at the door and seats them as normal

Order together

Both guests and the server can order & add items to the table

Another round?

Guests can order via the QR or servers can add orders directly, helping boost sales by up to 30%

Pay your way

Split the check without the math or pay in full

After implementing me&u, Truck Yard in Texas saw a 5% increase in staff tips, 18% increase in revenue and a drop in wait times to just 3 minutes for drinks.




me&u integrates with leading point of sale,
marketing and operational tools. Making it simple for your tech to talk to each other.




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