I'm a hospitality owner or operator

What Point of Sales (POS) do you support?

What if my POS isn’t listed?

Is there staff training?

Can you only use me&u in big venues?

How does me&u save me time?

How does me&u help me drive more revenue?

How do I refund an order?

Does me&u work on all mobile phones?

Do diners find me&u easy to use?

Does me&u offer support?

How do I program a beacon?

Are the beacons water resistant?

Do you support venues with counter pick up?

Can customers pay with cash if they want?

Do my customers need to download an app?

Can I control my menu in real time?

How do I build a menu?

What extra hardware do I need to use me&u?

I'm a guest that has visited a me&u venue

What is me&u?

How do I view my order history?

Can I get a copy of the tax invoice?

How do I set up my dietary preferences?

Something went wrong, how do I get a refund?

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