The process is simple, add items to cart and check out in one click. Vendors and customers are going to love it.

1. Scan

Guests scan a single QR code

2. Browse

They browse all menus within your food hall and can add items from multiple vendors to one cart.

3. Pay

They checkout with their preferred payment method in one single transaction.

4. Deliver to table

The order gets delivered to the table or is picked up from the individual vendor.

/ Eat it up





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Increase spend by 33%

Upsells, imagery, menu positioning and tags help you increase sales without lifting a finger.

Increase efficiencies

Focus on hospitality and showing guests a good time rather than processing orders and bills.

Collect more data

Using order, payments, and marketing tools, increase customer data collected by up to 30%.

24/7 customer support

We're available around the clock, with an average response time of 26 seconds.

“Working with me&u has been fantastic. The ability to allow our guests to transact across multiple vendors and checkout in a seamless single-basket journey is something that was a no-brainer for us. Plus, the hands-on support of the me&u team is why we chose them.”

Lisa Atherton

Business Manager, New Century




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