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It’s probably coming on too strong if we say me&u will be the headline act at your event or venue, but we’re atleast worthy of being fourth or fifth on the poster and definitely on the main stage.

We’ll also help you up your game and average order value without replacing any staff.


QR based ordering with flexible dine-in or counter pick up options.


Mobile payment with tabs, tipping and tap to pay on iPhone features.


CRM and personalised communications increase return visits and help create loyal locals.

Cut queues

Skip the queue with QR ordering that notifies punters when their order is ready.

Discount codes

Reward top attendees with discount codes or gift vouchers that can only be redeemed at your venue.


me&u partners with the best POS and marketing platforms, helping you get set up quickly.

“Pre me&u people simply went up to the counter, would order & pay and return to unreserved seats. It was the people having to spend time in a queue that we had to get rid of. This is where me&u really allows you to give them back anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes of their night.”

Rob Bryant

Managing Director - Cinerent OpenAir




me&u integrates with leading point of sale,
marketing and operational tools. Making it simple for you tech to talk to each other.




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