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The refreshingly efficient, and remarkably likeable, QR code ordering tool for guests who don’t want to move.



We talk about creating better customer experiences a lot, so here’s a crash course on what that looks like.

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Guests scan a QR code and browse a menu filled with professional photography and intuitive categories.

/ Order & Pay


No more hand waving – guests add items to cart straight from the table. All they need is a smartphone and an appetite.

/ Order & Pay


Get the bread without worrying about the transactional experience. Features like intuitive tipping and multiple payment methods make bill time easy.

/ Order & Pay


Guests can seamlessly reorder drinks, dishes and rounds. We’ll even remember their faves for next time and entice them back for more.

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Smart suggestions

AI driven recommendations help your guests get even more of what they want before they even know they want it. It’s automatically activated and helps you supercharge your sales without lifting a finger.

Order batching

Say goodbye to endless dockets. Multiple orders from the same table are automatically combined into a batch while allowing customers to order and pay individually.

Collect more data

Using Order & Pay you can increase customer data collected by up to 30%, great for marketing, increasing return visits and customer loyalty.

24/7 customer support

Hospitality isn’t 9 - 5 and neither are we. Our support team is available around the clock, with an average response time of 26 seconds.

"By using recommended items like wine and beer matched to every item & including the right sides with the right dishes, our head spend has gone up significantly as a result"

Damien McDowell

General Manager, Wynyard Pavilion




me&u integrates with leading point of sale,
marketing and operational tools. Making it simple for your tech to talk to each other.




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