$15.1m generated with me&u’s data driven features

Unlock new and improved features that can help your venue generate more revenue.

Get summertime ready with me&u’s powerful data driven features.

At me&u, we believe that data is the key to what makes our platform great. Sure, digital menus are all well and good, but we use our data insights to help elevate both the operator and guest experience.

In the past 12 months me&u’s data driven features have driven $15.1m+ incremental revenue

We're about to supercharge our AI-powered features even more

What's new?

Introducing our Enhanced Modifiers feature:

Preselected Variants

You can elect a variant to be the default option that is preselected for customers at your venue. This improves user flow through the menu so that they are ordering faster, reducing decision fatigue and increasing average transaction value. For example, 30 hot wings may be the best selling quantity, but you can preselect the 50 hot wing quantities to increase transaction value with your customers.

Smart Sorting

You can decide or let me&u decide how each modifier is ranked. me&u uses existing data to order the modifiers based on best sellers. For example, Avocado is the best selling modifier for a chicken burger, whereas the best selling modifier for a cheeseburger is an extra patty. Smart Sorting will determine the order that is shown for each product based on the sales data from the past 28 days.

Recommended Modifiers

You can now easily pick a modifier of your choice to be pinned to the top of the list and feature a ‘Recommended’ tag. You can use this feature to showcase a specific brand as per a brand agreement you may have in place, or to highlight a best selling modifier that you’d like to see an increase in sales for.

Here's how it can help you:

Increase spend per head: help improve sales for your venue by showcasing premium brands first

Faster checkout: our menu is tailored to your customers to improve their experience. No two menus are ever the same

Increase purchase intent: we're helping to reduce decision fatigue and increase impulse purchases

Stay in control: you're in control of how the menu is built and displayed to your guests

Commercial opportunities: help your food and beverage partners get more brand recognition by showcasing them as the top option

In the past 12 months, our data-driven features have seen a monumental boost in revenue and additional spending from your guests.

+$4m generated from Featured Products.

Want to drive spending towards your Rigatoni alla Vodka or Espresso Martinis? Highlighting the Chef's special or a cocktail of the day in prime position at the top of the menu has helped to drive higher margin sales for our venues.

+$1.2m generated from Enhanced Tipping.

After a tough couple of years in hospitality, guests are ready to support hospitality and reward great service.

+$939k generated from Quicksells.

Want fries with that? We'll use our data from previous orders to showcases tailored add-ons for your guests.

Ready to see how our data driven features can benefit you?

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