Mid-Week Tipple: Unveiling A New Weekday Trend

The workweek has always been associated with responsibilities and routines, but a closer look at the data reveals mid-week drinking is on the rise, with consumers treating Thursday as the new Friday.

The workweek has always been associated with responsibilities and routines, but a closer look at the data reveals mid-week drinking is on the rise, with consumers treating Thursday as the new Friday. In this blog post, we dive into the intriguing findings from me&u's dataset, uncovering the shifting patterns and popular choices for mid-week tipples. From the top food and drink orders to regional preferences, let's explore how the weekday drinking culture is evolving.

Thursdays: The New Weekend

Consumers have redefined the weekdays, and Thursday stands out as a prime day for indulgence. Our data shows that Thursday alcohol sales follow similar patterns to the weekend, suggesting a shift in culture.There’s even a notable spike in the afternoon, indicating an increase in lunchtime drinkers leaning closer to the weekend. With work from home culture here to stay, colleagues are cheersing to a week of hard work before heading off to work from home on a Friday, ready to roll over into the weekend in the comfort of their homes. 

Beer Takes the Lead 

Brace yourself because beer is about to steal the show! According to our data at me&u, beer appears as the reigning champion of midweek indulgence. From the crack of dawn till late into the evening, beer enthusiasts can find solace in their favourite brews, making every workweek a little more enjoyable.

But here’s the real kicker: Thursday afternoons take the beer game to a whole new level! Between 2pm - 4pm, we witness a thrilling surge in beer sales. So whether you prefer a crisp and refreshing lager or a velvety smooth pale ale, the mid-week beer experience awaits, ready to add a touch of joy to your day.

Regional Insights

Victoria, quick on their feet, are hopping on the mid week drinking bandwagon, seeing an impressive uplift of 13.65% on Thursdays. This finding aligns perfectly with the overarching trend we observed across the dataset - Thursday’s growing popularity as a day to unwind and enjoy a well-deserved tipple.

In Queensland, we see a strong affinity for pub food and beer during the mid-week. From Chicken Parma to Schnitties, patrons in Queensland show a preference for hearty pub meals during their weekdays. When it comes to drinks, beer reigns supreme as the most common alcohol beverage, dominating the top five item quantity sales.

Beer and Cocktails on the Rise

Our data indicates an upward trend in the share of mid-week sales for both beer and cocktails. Beer experiences a surge during peak seasons, while cocktails enjoy a steady uplift throughout the year. Lager, Pale lager, and Pale Ale emerge as popular subcategories, highlighting the diverse beer drinking culture that captivates enthusiasts. 

Across both Queensland and Victoria, the Espresso Martini steals the spotlight as the preferred mid-week cocktail. The allure of a caffeine - infused concoction or the indulgent flavours make it a perennial favourite among patrons. Savour the rich, velvety goodness of an Espresso Martini and let it transport you to new heights of enjoyment. 

The mid-week tipple phenomenon is reshaping the hospitality landscape, challenging the traditional notion of weekdays being solely reserved for work and responsibilities. With Thursday stepping up as the new Friday or Saturday, consumers are embracing the chance to unwind and savour their favourite drinks. As me&u, we’re thrilled to witness this transformation and empower establishments to cater to the growing mid-week crowd. So, whether you’re a beer aficionado or a cocktail connoisseur, join us on this exciting journey of mid-week tipples and unlock the possibilities of enjoying the weekdays in style.

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