Catch Lot 100 in action as they achieve the best of customer service while also increasing revenue

We all know happy customers are happy to pay. Read and learn Lot 100’s solution to great customer service and thus increasing revenue.

About Lot 100

Lot 100 is a premier venue nestled in the heart of Adelaide, Australia. With its stunning natural beauty and contemporary design, Lot 100 offers a unique and captivating setting for a wide range of events. Whether you're planning a wedding, corporate function, or private celebration, their flexible event spaces can be tailored to suit your specific needs. With their decadent dining experience and interactive events, you can enjoy the fun with some mates and a cheeky cocktail.

The Challenge

Just like any other story, success never comes without its challenges along the way.   Venues are slowly rebuilding post-pandemic,facing challenges  with staff shortages, operational difficulties, customer experience and efficiency. Lot 100, despite its great success, was no different. This is where me&u stepped in to help..

"me&u was a thought to start with, and once we got talking with our reps it was smooth sailing from there on. Following that, anything new or any updates with me&u we're always updated on and walked through the processes without hesitation"

Stephanie Baradakis, Venue Manager

Stephanie Baradakis, Venue Manager

The Solution

Happy venue staff 

 The implementation of me&u significantly reduced staff workload and increased their efficiency. Stephanie Baradakis, Venue Manager  expressed  “It’s a great help for a venue our size. We specifically love the group tabs for large parties wanting to pay all together. This takes stress off the bar staff and helps with taking orders”. The staff at Lot 100 have found me&u to be an invaluable tool in simplifying their tasks and improving their overall job satisfaction.

Group tabs offer convenience

The introduction of me&u’s group tabs feature at Lot 100 has revolutionised the way large group events are handled. Whether it’s birthdays, hens parties, or any other festive gathering, guests can now place their orders individually while still connecting to the same tab. This has not only eased the burden on the bar staff but has also simplified the payment process for customers. The convenience of me&u’s group tabs has garnered positive responses from customers, who appreciate the seamless and stress-free experience it offers. As Stephanie Baradakis highlights, “customers think its great, especially when we have a line at the bar and especially for group tabs”. This feature has truly transformed the way group orders are managed at Lot 100.

Increased revenue

me&u has proven to be a game-changer for Lot 100, particularly in terms of revenue generation. By utilising me&u’s capabilities, the venue has experienced a significant increase in beverage sales. Additionally, the efficient service and reduced wait times facilitated by me&u have enhanced overall customer satisfaction, leading to repeat business and positive word-of-mouth. The positive response from customers, who appreciate the convenience and time-saving aspects of me&u, has had a direct impact on revenue growth. Stephanie Baradakis supports this growth as she highlights that “me&u has increased our beverage revenue as well as assisted with food sales and efficiency of service”. The streamlined operations and improved efficiency provided by me&u have undoubtedly contributed to the financial success of Lot 100.

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Catch Lot 100 in action as they achieve the best of customer service while also increasing revenue Catch Lot 100 in action as they achieve the best of customer service while also increasing revenue