Happy customers are happy tippers; the secret into The Keg Room’s success

With the addition of me&u, The Keg Room has been able to prioritise customer service as their number 1 goal, resulting in great revenue growth.

About The Keg Room

Step into The Keg Room, the ultimate beer lover’s haven in New Zealand. Known for its vibrant atmosphere and wide selection of beers, The Keg Room offers a unique experience for beer enthusiasts and casual drinkers alike. With its cosy ambiance and friendly staff, it’s the perfect place to unwind and enjoy a cold pint with friends or family. Whether you’re a craft beer fanatic or just looking to kick back with a cold one, The Keg Room’s got your back.

The Challenge

Given its immense popularity, especially during peak hours and weekends, The Keg Room may experience a high volume of patrons. Just like any other venue, the large crowds brought in pre pandemic was not the same during, creating issues that the hospitality industry feared. With the entire economy facing staff shortages and operational challenges, technology was added to the picture, which is where me&u comes in.

The Solution


When it comes to revenue, the implementation of me&u’s smart technology has proven to be a game changer. The ease of access to the beacon has not only resulted in customers ordering more frequently, but it has also encouraged them to explore a wider array of menu items. As Melissa Renwick the owner  of The Keg Room excitedly shares, “Customers will order more frequently as a result of having ease of access to the beacons but more interestingly customers are trying different dishes, we’re seeing a greater spread of menu items ordered as customers look at and order with the images”. This could be attributed to the re order tool, who Melissa Renwick says “makes it super quick to order the same drinks again”. Convenience and technology… the perfect pair to achieve the hospo dream.

Reduced wait times: 

The adoption of innovative technology has resulted in significantly reduced wait times, leading to a seamless and enjoyable experience for all. Customers have wholeheartedly embraced these improvements, with Melissa Renwick exclaiming that customers “love it. It’s quick, they get their drinks fast, its user-friendly”. The swift service and prompt impression on customers enhances their overall experience, allowing guests to cut wait times in half and grab their drinks in a jiff. 

Customer satisfaction: 

The staff at The Keg Room has successfully enhanced customer experiences by connecting on a deeper level, understanding their needs, and surprising them with delightful touches. This focus has resulted in increased satisfaction and loyalty. Melissa Renwick supports this as she’s “seen an increase in sales which is a huge recommendation factor anyway, but more importantly, we’ve seen an increase in customer satisfaction because our team is spending more time getting to know our customers, preempting their needs and surprising and delighting them”. The staff also vouch for the addition of beacon technology. Melissa Renwick acknowledges that “the staff love it. Once they have taken the customer on the journey of ordering through the beacon and its flexibility. It frees them up to engage with the customer in a more hospitable way rather than just being transactional and going through the process of taking an order.” With happy customers and staff, the genuine interactions and approach has created a memorable journey for guests and the venue, fostering an atmosphere of great hospitality.

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Happy customers are happy tippers; the secret into The Keg Room’s successHappy customers are happy tippers; the secret into The Keg Room’s success