Unlocking Island Paradise: How me&u Transforms the Hamilton Island Experience

From efficient order management to boosting customer spending, we delve into the key ingredients that make this island gem shine even brighter

About Hamilton Island

Nestled among the Whitsunday Islands, Hamilton Island is a radiant gem within the Great Barrier Reef, just off the Queensland coast of Australia. Accessible via its own commercial airport, this thriving island combines exclusivity and community charm, boasting a post office, state school, and a well-stocked grocery store. Accommodation choices abound, from cosy garden bungalows to lavish hotel-style resorts and self-catering holiday homes. Beyond your comfortable abode, discover over 65 exciting activities and a delectable variety of dining options spanning the resort and marina sides of this tropical paradise.

The Challenge

As we navigate the shifting landscape of customer expectations, technology, and sustainability, the need for innovation has never been more critical. In conjunction with industry challenges such as staff shortages and long wait times, balancing traditional warmth and personal service with the demands of an increasingly digital world presents a delicate challenge. And in comes me&u to save the day!

“Having me&u integrated with our POS and venue operations means we get all orders in at the same time, so our kitchens have visibility and can prepare orders more efficiently.”

Kyle LaMonica, General Manager Food and Beverage

Kyle LaMonica, General Manager Food and Beverage

The Solution


Innovation is the way to our hearts and the key to improving hospitality. Hamilton Island has enjoyed our wait time features, boasting that they “can mark foods that have a longer cook time and with that, manage customer expectations before they order”. With our innovative upsell features, Kyle has also been able to “drive up the average spend of customers in an unobtrusive way, suggesting add-ons like fries or shrimp crackers”. This has “driven a 35% average uplift in me&u customer spending” at Hamilton Island. On top of that the takeaway and room service functions prompt efficiency, allowing guests to order outside or straight from their rooms, “reducing human errors from ordering via the phone”.

Kyle highlights that me&u has “rolled out in many industry-leading hospitality venues both in and outside Australia”. He emphasises that me&u are “constantly innovating and bringing out new features to improve their product”, which has translated through venues boasting “great credentials” and “increasing spend”. 

Teamwork makes the dream work (collaboration)

We believe that teamwork really does make the dream work, and that’s what we’re doing with our partners over at Hamilton Island. From rigorous on-site testing to menu optimisation, Kyle explains that they “had a lot of face time with the team, who have been with us every step of the way”. On top of the regular check-ins from the dedicated account management team, me&u also does “audits to make recommendations on how they can improve the customer experience and drive up spending”. While working closely with Hamilton Island venues, we’re able to personalise solutions to their hospo needs, fulfilling our mission to improve the customer experience.

Customer satisfaction

Happy customers are what we’re looking for, which is what we’re seeing over at Hamilton Island. Kyle has “received 94% positive feedback from guests who have used and rated the platform at the end of their experience”. Customers are happy with the QR ordering system, making it “easy to use, intuitive and convenient”. In addition to the user-friendly interface, the advanced technology behind order pattern recognition encourages guests to reorder with the app due to convenience, further prompting customer satisfaction.

Would you recommend me&u to other venues?

We asked Kyle if he would recommend me&u to other venues and this is what we had to say. “Yes for sure! me&u has been a great addition to our Hamilton Island food and beverage venues”.

He adds by mentioning that there are “a few more venues in the pipeline to go live with me&u and plans for expanding usage, including adding in a few more of our takeaway venues”.

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Unlocking Island Paradise: How me&u Transforms the Hamilton Island ExperienceUnlocking Island Paradise: How me&u Transforms the Hamilton Island Experience