Watch Traverse Alpine change the game with me&u’s smart technology

Traverse Alpine’s reach for convenience and exceptional customer service was successful with the adoption of me&u. Keep reading to see how that unravels.

About Traverse Alpine

Traverse Alpine is a renowned hospitality group known for its exceptional venues, including Cloud 9, Frying Pan Inn and The Yard Bright. With a commitment to delivering unforgettable experiences, Traverse Alpine offers luxurious mountain-top retreats, charming country pubs and vibrant social spaces. Each venue showcases the highest standards of quality, innovation, and guests satisfaction, ensuring that every visit is a memorable and enjoyable one.

The Challenge

Traverse Alpine, while a leader in the hospitality industry, faces its fair share of challenges just like any other venue. Especially with the difficulties of the pandemic; handling closures of businesses and minimised trading hours was a major obstacle to overcome. As the post pandemic period gradually arrived, maintaining consistency across all venues while managing fluctuations in demand are a key focus for businesses such as Traverse Alpine, all to ensure satisfied staff and customers.

"Our business operations have always been challenging as we have seasonal venues and some are impacted by factors outside our control. me&u has provided a solution for us to reduce staffing issues, ordering times and has brought us to the top of the pack with in-venue ordering."

Nathan Roberts, Executive Assistant Manager

Nathan Roberts, Executive Assistant Manager

The Solution

Implementation process

To assist Traverse Alpine in their journey to achieving these goals, me&u has come into the picture for a seamless ride. Throughout the integration process, Nathan Roberts, Executive Assistant Manager at Traverse alpine expressed that they “previously operated a table tracking system in one of our venues, but me&u has now flipped that idea on the head with our customers able to stay at their table without having to line up to order”.Nathan Roberts has emphasised that through this transition “me&u have been fantastic to deal with over the years and have been flexible to work with as we have some unusual environments we work in and the seasonality of our business”. This strong collaborative approach has fostered a strong working relationship, getting one step closer to achieving greater customer satisfaction and consistency across venues. 


Traverse Alpine has prioritised customer convenience, and the implementation of the me&u system has significantly contributed to enhancing the overall experience. Nathan Roberts has highlighted that “Customers love the ease of ordering and the speed at which we can bring their order out to them. In the snow fields of Falls Creek we know our customers are after a delicious and nutritious lunch, but want to get back out there to enjoy the slopes. me&u has provided this for our customers”.

In addition to streamlined ordering, Traverse Alpine benefits from various me&u features that enhance operational efficiency. By utilising features that provide real-time insights into customer order volume, Traverse Alpine can prepare their kitchen for incoming orders, ensuring smooth and timely service. As mentioned by Nathan Roberts, “We use a range of me&u features which show us how busy we are and how many customers are ordering, so our kitchen can brace for new incoming orders”. This conveniently enables staff to allocate enough time and kitchen hands to ensure consumer satisfaction.

The convenience of me&u’s smart technology extends further as the “AI interface that gives the customer an upsell item they might like to order based on previous orders of other customers”. By prioritising convenience through me&u, Traverse Alpine has successfully provided efficiency and seamless ordering processes, expedited service, and personalised upselling recommendations.

Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of any business and we’ve kept that in mind. With Traverse Alpine’s implementation of me&u, Traverse Alpine’s Executive Assistant Manager, Nathan Roberts, has testified that it has helped “us to provide faster and better service for our staff, freeing them up to provide that personal touch which is at the heart of hospitality”. This innovative feature brought by me&u has transformed the traditional ordering process, with its “ability for our customers to order from the moment they sit down” being Nathan Roberts’s game changer for their venues.

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By utilising me&u, Traverse Alpine has not only improved efficiency and speed, but also empowered their staff to prioritise personalised service and hospitality. If this is what you want for your venue, get in contact and we’ll structure the perfect system for you.

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Watch Traverse Alpine change the game with me&u’s smart technology Watch Traverse Alpine change the game with me&u’s smart technology