An Australia without hospo is just not Australia.

Why you should care about the future of the hospitality industry.

An Australia without hospo is just not Australia.

Stevan Premutico

Founder | me&u

There’s a lot of people doing it tough right now. People are sick, hospitals and healthcare workers are being pushed to their limits, and jobs are being lost at alarming rates. People are scared about their health, about their loved ones, and about their future.

So why then, as we face a health crisis like no other and an inevitable recession, should Aussies care about the survival of the hospitality sector in this country?

Well, to put it simply, the hospitality industry is the heart of our economy and a staple of our great nation. One million Australians earn their income from this industry. A broken industry means broken homes & families.

The general acceptance (hope) is that the industry will bounce back (hospo people are a resilient bunch), but it will be different. My sad prediction is that up to 30% of operators may never open the doors to their cafe, restaurant or pub again. Sad but true.

With tens of thousands of restaurants, cafes and pubs already closed, and thousands of others struggling to stay alive by operating on takeaway only, the industry is facing one of its toughest times in history.

Melbourne has one of the top food scenes on the planet - widely acclaimed by the great chefs of our time. Melbourne without great coffee and great restaurants just isn't Melbourne.

Likewise Sydney without stately institutions and striking water views just wouldn't be Sydney. Can you imagine a Sydney without the iconic Bondi Icebergs or Catalina or Opera Bar. It just wouldn't be the same.  

Scott Morrison has finally come to the table (thank you!) with some significant concessions that will really help this industry. The $1,500 Job Seeker Stimulus and the 6 month moratorium to protect against tenant eviction) - but much more needs to be done if we want to see our hospo industry return on the other side.

The government has come to the party (I know we need more more, but it's a good start), now it's up to us to show that we care, if we ever want to sit down and enjoy one of the key tenants of our great aussie lifestyle again - the half shot soy latte to start the day or the beer with mates down at the local. Lets connect with them on social media and show our support (notes from customers go a long way in these dire times), lets support local pick-up and take-away options (not via Uber or Deliveroo or Menulog) and lets be there for them when the doors do re-open on the other side. Lets do our bit.

A thriving Aussie economy needs a thriving hospo industry. Lets show we care.

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