How me&u is bringing back the tip.

When tips were at an all-time low, we saw an opportunity. If people weren’t paying cash tips, we needed to create an easy way to do it digitally.

Bringing back the tip.

As Dan Stock reported in the Herald Sun reported this week, there has been a significant decline in cash tips for hospitality workers over the past year. As more venues move towards tap & go and cashless solutions, it’s clear the traditional tip jar is dead.

“When tap and go was first introduced a few years ago it sent shockwaves through the industry. Tipping dropped through the floor”, said me&u founder Stevan Premutico. The mass move away from cash just gave “customers a chance not to tip.” 

When tips were at an all-time low, me&u saw an opportunity. If people weren’t paying cash tips, there needed to be an easy way to do it digitally. 

So, in June 2020, me&u launched a market-leading tip feature to support the industry. The uptake was huge and we soon discovered that customers are happy to give back when a platform like me&u makes it quick and easy to do so. 

me&u's tipping feature

Since then, our tipping function has helped hundreds of operators across the country. 100% of the tips through me&u go directly to supporting and rewarding venue staff. 

me&u removes the admin of ordering and splitting the bill, so staff have more time to build genuine connections and customers have more time with friends and family at the table. We truly believe that this is the reason we’ve seen such strong uptake.

me&u operator, Kenny D’Souza from Melbourne Bar Mr West is one of those operators that has seen a huge increase in tips since launching me&u last year. 

“I think the favourite feature of all the staff has got to be the tipping feature. me&u definitely incentivises people to tip staff for the hard work that they do.

You can never take out that human element of hospitality, but me&u gives us more of an opportunity to show that human element,” said Kenny.

Frank Tucker, COO of the Rockpool Group, saw a huge increase in tips across the groups venues, including El Camino and The Bavarian. “The tips feature was a lifesaver for my team.”

Kenny D'Souza | Mr. West

Victoria in particular has had a tumultuous year, having to adjust to new restrictions and lockdowns, overnight. 

Our data showed a 68% increase in tips from the 12th of February (the week before the snap 5 day lock-down) to the first Friday post-lockdown on the 19th of February. Victorians quickly returned to their locals and they’re definitely eager to tip!

And tipping through me&u keeps growing. With the current trajectory, we expect $10 million to be left in tips across Australia through me&u this year.

Read more in The Sun Herald.

Dan Stock | 26/02/21

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