me&u April Wrap Up: 5 headlines from the hospitality industry last month

April was a big month for hospitality around the globe! Check out me&u's roundup of the key headlines and news from the industry below.

London’s hospitality sector edges back as sales continue to rise in city centres

Restaurants, bars and pubs around the UK are seeing visits and sales on the rise as they head towards a busy summer that will give the hospitality industry the boost it needs. In the four weeks leading up to April, the average sales across Britain’s top 10 cities were up 3% from 2019, and during the summer months we should see an uplift in occasions that encourage people to venture out to hospitality venues, including the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, and the Commonwealth Games.

Hospitality businesses boost referral bonuses in an effort to encourage staff to join the industry

Employers within hospitality industries around the world are implementing strategies to attract talent, including housing, referral bonuses, free gym memberships, and competitive salaries. Hospitality employers are having to adapt to a changing workforce as they aim to attract and retain young staff and shift attitudes towards jobs in the hospitality industry as a career path rather than short-term and casual employment on the side. Sophie Witts from The Caterer spoke with hospitality venues about their recruitment and staff retention incentives especially as the cost of living continues to rise, citing that changing attitudes towards hospitality is an important part of making hospitality attractive as a career, including flexible working arrangements, rather than staff parties. 

The definition of hybrid restaurants continues to evolve in life after Covid with the introduction of new technology like order-and-pay solutions

Full service restaurants have continued to evolve over the past two years where COVID restrictions reduced capacity of both guests and operators. With hybrid hospitality venues running both full service and limited service formats and utilising technology to take full advantage of the benefits, customer consumption attitudes have also continued to adapt with new, convenient tech offerings such as order-and-pay at table solutions.

Hospitality industry turns to emerging technology to manage price increases and inflation

Technology is the answer to managing inflation for hospitality venues around the world. Taking advantage of rich data insights provided by third-party delivery services, self-order kiosks, and back-of-house technology can help improve venue management and menu optimisation. For example, axing low-ordered menu items can save on wasted resources from energy, perishable goods, and some labour costs.

The good news: Western Australia has welcomed the removal of remaining COVID restrictions from hospitality venues

The Western Australian Government has confirmed that all remaining COVID restrictions have been lifted from the state’s hospitality venues. Since the beginning of the pandemic, Western Australia has had strict laws and public health measures in place to minimise the number of COVID infections and deaths, but residents and officials are looking forward to reinvigorating hospitality venues and encouraging patrons to support the industry. 

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