10 hospitality campaigns that captivated customers (part 2)

March 12, 2024
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As we delve deeper into the world of hospitality campaigns, we continue our exploration of remarkable examples that have captivated driven customer engagement.

In this post, we're presenting another 10 groundbreaking campaigns executed by hospitality brands worldwide. Spanning across various sectors within the industry, these campaigns showcase the ingenuity and strategic prowess needed to make a lasting impression in a competitive market. From well-known hotels to new restaurants and everything in between, each campaign highlights the innovative approaches taken to attract and engage customers.

Nobu Restaurant - Taste of Nobu Events

The latest event hosted by Nobu is a prime example of how exclusive experiences can attract new customers and strengthen existing relationships. By offering a unique opportunity to indulge in Chef Nobu Matsuhisa’s signature creations alongside live cooking stations and handcrafted cocktails, the events create a sense of exclusivity and generate excitement with limited dates and locations.

Check it out:

Black Star Pastry - x CASETiFY Collaboration

Recognising the growing trend of branded merchandise and the popularity of their signature pastries, Black Star Pastry, a viral Australian bakery, has partnered with CASETiFY, a global phone case brand. This collaboration resulted in a limited-edition line of phone cases featuring playful designs inspired by their iconic strawberry watermelon cake and other popular pastries. This campaign engaged existing customers by providing a unique platform for showcasing brand loyalty beyond consumption. It also attracted new customers and social media users intrigued by the captivating designs. The collaboration sparked a li’l buzz, as fans shared photos of their phone cases, broadening the brand’s reach and building loyalty.

Check it out:

Wagamama - Veganuary menu expansion

Capitalising on the growing demand for plant-based options, Wagamama, a popular Asian-inspired restaurant chain in the UK and US, expanded their menu during Veganuary. This commitment to catering to diverse dietary needs resonated with new customers and solidified the brand’s image as inclusive and innovative.

Check it out:

Lune Croissanterie - limited edition flavours

This popular Melbourne bakery regularly surprises its customers with monthly limited-edition flavours, displayed on their Instagram’s story highlights. From seasonal inspirations to creative collaborations with other brands, these unique offerings create excitement and anticipation, attracting both loyal customers and curious newcomers.

Check it out:

Sugarfina - Design Your Own Candy Bento Box

This luxury candy boutique in Los Angeles enables customers to personalise gift boxes with a variety of gourmet candies. By catering to diverse customer preferences, the initiative promotes exploration and discovery of new flavours and combinations. Well-received, especially during festive seasons and special occasions, this interactive campaign not only drives sales but also enhances customer engagement.

Check it out:

The Grounds - monthly pop-up dinners and events

A popular Sydney cafe and restaurant known for its vibrant atmosphere hosts a diverse roster of pop-up dinners and events each month. From collaborations with renowned chefs to themed dinners celebrating festive seasons or international cuisines, these events offer unique experiences for existing and new customers, keeping the space fresh and exciting.

Check it out:

Shake Shack - “Love Shack” dinner series for Valentine’s Day

Shake Shack became "Love Shack" for Valentine's Day, offering unique experiences for various preferences. Couples enjoyed "A Spicy Date Night for two," while groups of friends opted for the "Umami Dinner Party for four," creating memorable dining experiences. This campaign demonstrated their adaptability for special occasions and commitment to flavour innovation.

Check it out:

The Ivy Chelsea Garden - The Glasshouse

The Glasshouse, a unique private dining space within The Ivy Chelsea Garden, offers guests an escape from London's hustle and bustle. With seating for up to 26 guests or standing reception for 40, it provides a serene and stylish setting for intimate gatherings. Promoted on social media with captivating visuals and testimonials, the campaign aims to attract individuals and groups seeking a special dining experience in London.

Check it out:

Momofuku Noodle Bar - “TikTok Noodle Challenge”

This engaging campaign encouraged fans on TikTok to create videos showcasing their favourite Momofuky noodle dish. This campaign generated user-generated content, increased brand awareness, and fostered community engagement.

Check it out:

Merivale - Merivale Goes Bottomless

In catching the growing desire for value and unique dining experiences, Merivale, a prominent Australian hospitality group, launched their “Merivale Goes Bottomless” campaign. This limited-time offer allows guests at participating restaurants to enjoy two hours of bottomless sparkling wine, wine and beer for a set price during lunch or dinner. This campaign caters to a broad audience seeking a relaxing and enjoyable dining experience without worrying about individual drink orders or keeping track of costs.

Check it out:

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