BOXPARK increases average order value 10% with multi-vendor ordering

April 23, 2024
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Food hall aficionado, Simon Anderson, told us there are four reasons why food halls are exploding in the UK: diversity of choice, inclusivity, community building, and the democratisation of dining experiences.

Another reason could be that the UK is enamoured with the amazing BOXPARK.

BOXPARK was the world’s first pop-up dining and shopping destination in 2011 with its pioneering shipping container architecture in East London. Since then, BOXPARK has opened some of the biggest food, culture and social hubs in the UK, centred around their “Eat. Drink. Play.” ethos.

We caught up with the digital and tech team at BOXPARK Wembley, which is a stone’s throw from Wembley Stadium and a 20,000 square foot dedicated events space, offering an immersive food, drink and leisure experience.

Better customer experience = 10% higher average order value

Matt Carter, Head of Digital and Tech, says that “BOXPARK is home to over 100 businesses” and that they all operate very differently, with very different offerings.

“We want to be ahead of the curve. We want to be always using industry-leading technology for efficiency and operational ease of use. Mobile ordering was such a key element for us.

“We rolled out the MVO [multi-vendor ordering] with all our traders in October 2022, and since then we've seen a 10% increase in average order value. But for us, it's the customer experience.

“It's really enhanced that customer journey when ordering food and drink.”

“Part of the charm of BOXPARK for a customer is perusing all the different traders, and it's just basically opened up all the traders digitally, so you no longer have to go around the whole site.

“You can peruse it on your phone, and order all those different dishes from one transaction. So, yeah, it's a win-win for us.”

Making it easier for vendors to grow their brands

Jade Simpson is Head of Operations at Nanny Bill’s, home to insane hand-pressed burgers and croquettes, and she has A LOT of experience with mobile ordering.

“I would say, forget every other QR system out there. I've worked with many that I doubt I'm allowed to name-drop, but many, many systems that are not so user-friendly, or with really bad support or they often drop out.

“And we’ve never, ever had any of those issues with me&u.

“It's just easier that you can sit at a table, and then when your food's ready, you can just head on over to the counter and pick it up. It's like, who doesn't want to be that lazy all the time?

“I'm actually like technologically cursed, but the system's just so user friendly. For someone who's used to a pen and paper, it was really easy to just get in the swing of it. Once the till integration came about, it was like the greatest thing that ever happened to us.”

And if anything does go wrong, Lewis Curtis, BOXPARK’s Digital and Tech Executive, says me&u’s chat support is always there.

“Chat support. 

“If I can only say it in one word, it’s absolutely fantastic. Being able to get a hold of someone, which is an actual person, in under two minutes - and I can get hold of them any day, at any time as a 24/7, is again really crucial to us being in the fast-paced business and be able to get to a resolution very, very quickly. It is phenomenal.”

To try multi-vendor ordering for yourself, get in touch!

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