Choosing the right POS system for your hospitality venue

September 16, 2022
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Let’s be honest; if you own or run a venue—or are in the process of opening one—you have enough things on your mind: cost management, liquor licences and what food to include on your menu are just a few of the things. But what about your point of sale (or POS) system? 

Although you might not want to add to the list of things to think about, choosing the perfect POS system for your venue can actually alleviate a lot of stress by automating processes like ordering, payments, sales reporting and inventory. 

So we’re here to offer our two cents and help you make the right decision when looking at which POS system your venue needs.

Determine your business needs

All venues are different and the type of venue you run has a lot of impact on the type of POS system you choose. Are you an all-takeaway venue or do you provide table service? Are you a bar with a liquor licence or a sit-down venue that serves a full menu? Are you a bakery or are you a three-hat restaurant? 

Determining the type of venue you have and the requirements expected of your business is a critical first step. Things that you should consider in stage one is everything from your floor plan, whether you want to be able to easily split or merge bills and the use of gift cards to whether your dishes can be modified or whether you’d like offline card payment support. Plus, you’ll really need to determine your budget and know how much money you can allocate to a POS system.

Choose a POS system

There are many different types of POS systems you can have, and many that have stand-out features. Here are some to consider once you’ve determined your business requirements.


Mobile POS systems (or mPOS) are popular with small businesses with tighter budgets. They allow for flexibility, efficiency and third-party organisation, without breaking the bank. The use of apps, like Square Up, allow businesses and brands to manage everything remotely through a smartphone or tablet. Totally genius, we know!

Touch screen

It might sound obvious, but not all POS systems come with a touch screen. Consider opting for one that does in order to speed up the ordering and checkout process—which is ultimately the aim of the game for every venue. A faster process means a more seamless experience for your customers, waiters, bar staff and managers. 


Traditional POS systems are downloaded onto a computer and manually connected to a register. But who needs that headache? A cloud-based POS system is the way to go. This means that the software can be accessed from the web and your payments processed through the internet. 

This also means your sales reports are IRL. Real-time sales figures and reporting can be run from anywhere, once you log into your cloud POS system online.

Choose your brand

Just like choosing a CRM system, there are pros and cons of every POS system. Choosing the right brand heavily ties back to determining your needs, and therefore the features you’d like your POS system to have. Once you’ve determined the features you want, cross check it with your budget and narrow the list down. 

At the end of the day, it’s about researching the features of each POS system you’re considering to ensure it meets your must-haves. 

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