Creating customer-led upsells at Cornwall Park Cafe

February 20, 2024
min read

Cornwall Park Cafe in Auckland is a relatively small venue with a big menu and an even bigger heart. They used to have a queue because they have just two tills and we do like 1000 customers per day, so Venue Manager, Giovanni, set up me&u to increase efficiencies.

“With me&u, we got very good impact, less queues during the day and Mr Yum is part of what makes our jobs easier. So we can dedicate more time to maybe talking with the customers,” Giovanni said.

“Before, I don’t have the time because I was super busy, taking orders. It helps a lot. 

“They’re going to put through the orders with me&u, the orders they receive in the kitchen and in the bar and usually we do drinks first, then the food. 

“So many customers have been ordering twice. With me&u, you can put through modifiers and we did some upsells with some dishes in the kitchen as well. You put them in me&u to order more than usual.

“One granola we do with regular yogurt but many customers like it with coconut. It was something that was missing. I put it through and now 50% of customers prefer this granola, it’s an upsell. 

“Here in New Zealand now, there’s a problem that the wages go up too high. We needed to find a solution, unfortunately to cut staff.”

To get started with me&u's Serve product, find out more here.

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