Culling congestion around the bar at The Island at Elizabeth Quay

March 26, 2024
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The Island is home to one of the most unique microbrewery Perth has to offer crafting their very own beers on site using traditional methods and the finest natural ingredients, poured directly into your glass directly from the vats above.

What started as a café has evolved into a landmark destination, famed for its  unique location, Mediterranean-inspired menu, and expansive offerings. The turning point for the venue was its bold decision to dive into brewing, coupled with an interior revamp that introduced a new, more accessible bar, elevating the experience for its patrons.

We chatted with Christabel Warner, General Manager of The Island, about the deployment of me&u.

Staff training and utilising the features within Me&U

me&u has seamlessly integrated into operations, enhancing the dining experience through ease of use and convenience. Guests can order from their table without waiting at the bar, while continuing to enjoy the  ambience or basking in the beauty of the outdoor seating. This contributes to the large amount of positive feedback received from customers on their experience at the venue.

“me&u was already established when I got here, but it was my job to elevate its use,” Christabel said. 

“We’ve always had a pretty good uptake rate because of our demographic, but year on year, me&u usage has risen consistently and the trajectory shows a steady increase over time. A big part of that is ensuring staff have been trained to engage with the guests to let them know they have an option of viewing our menu on me&u which is not only convenient but also gives the guest an insight with photos of each dish or drink available to them..”

“We called it out on social media, and custom decals featuring our colour scheme and branding on our table caddies, inviting the customers to use while feeling naturally in line with the venue- it has a high level of prominence.”

This digital shift has also alleviated congestion at the bar, previously a common scenario during peak hours. Now, with guests opting for the comfort and efficiency of ordering via me&u, The Island has observed a noticeable decrease in bar traffic, allowing for better allocation of staff and resources.

“I love the seamlessness of not having to line up at the bar. We’ve definitely noticed a difference in traffic at the bar versus with me&u - significantly less congestion, less people standing around waiting, away from the people they’re dining with.”

Less is more

The Island’s journey with me&u shows how embracing technology can transform the dining experience, making it more enjoyable for guests and operationally efficient for businesses.

“The simplicity of use is a big thing for us. Very rarely have we had anyone say they can’t navigate through it. 

“Also, the fact that you can call out specials, and you can specifically see that items are listed as specials have an increase in uptake. Our tips are incredible through me&u too, compared with over-the-bar or À la carte.

“An unsung benefit is that people are extremely cautious and careful with their personal information including using their cards in public places or reluctant to give their card or photo ID when starting a tab. Me&U allows customers to feel safe and their ordering isn’t obstructed or dependent on trust, with the receipt emailed directly to them after.”

me&u has also become a valuable tool for data collection, enabling personalised engagement through targeted email marketing. 

“We started out slowly in this area but our data list has grown significantly. Our social team uses this information to understand our customers and get valuable insights to deliver a better experience and maintain a strong relationship with our customers.”

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