How Multi Vendor Ordering works for guests and operators

November 21, 2022
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There are no wrong answers when it comes to indulging food cravings, which is why we’re always pumped to talk about our Multi Vendor Ordering feature. This nifty feature allows diners to order whatever their heart desires from multiple vendors within one location in one transaction. It’s the ideal way to order food and drinks at an event, festival, food hall or stadium. Anywhere with multiple vendors operating can reap the benefits of Multi Venue Ordering.

How Multi Vendor Ordering works for operators

Venues with multiple food and drink operators like Boxpark, Spark: York and New Century Manchester all use Multi Vendor Ordering. Each vendor within these locations controls their menu and offering in the same way they would with Order & Pay. Here’s how it works:

  • The guest orders and pays on their smartphone.
  • me&u splits the order and payment.
  • Each vendor receives its share of the transaction.  
  • The order appears in the individual vendor’s live order screen and prints directly to their POS printer (the vendor can only see what was ordered from their menu). 
  • If using counter pickup, the vendor can send SMS messages to the guest when their items are ready.

How Multi Vendor Ordering works for guests

Guests love Multi Vendor Ordering and how it lets them take full advantage of all the food and drinks a location has to offer. The feature allows guests to:

  • Scan one QR code. 
  • View one menu with everything on offer.
  • Add items from multiple vendors to one cart. 
  • Pay in one transaction (and receive one invoice). 
  • Enjoy a combo of their own creation!  

For example, at Boxpark Shoreditch you could order dumplings from Rainbo as a starter, a jerk chicken box from Rudie's Jerk Shack as the main and end it all off with an ice cream from Soft Serve Society. And don't forget the pint from the main bar.

What guests say about Multi Vendor Ordering

Guests love the convenience of this feature, and it often gets a direct mention in positive Google reviews for Spark: York. 

“Such a great idea! We had food from 3 different places and drinks from another, all ordered online and brought to the table. Loved it!”

“Our party ordered pizzas from one outlet and Greek food from another. All food was excellent and good value. Drink prices were reasonable too. Staff were friendly and helpful. Ordering from the website was easy.”

“Sit anywhere and scan your table number, then order anything from any outlet. Food great and decent prices.”

“Awesome place. So much food and drink to choose from. You can order from table and order from multiple stalls in one go which is super helpful… this place is mint!” 

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