How tech can ease labour woes

September 16, 2022
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Cost-of-living dramas are the cherry on top of the post-covid period. For hospitality businesses, this extra squeeze on a sufficiently juiced sector is tough to navigate. A perfect storm of labour cost increases, labour shortages, supply chain issues, energy hikes, and rising produce costs may paint a bleak picture, but there are ways to persevere and come through stronger than ever. Let’s look at how tech can ease the pressure by focusing on labour costs and shortages.  

Tighter processes, not people replacers

A natural assumption with tech is that new systems will replace jobs. And while there are certainly fewer checkout operators since self-service hit supermarkets, with hospitality, that eventuality is less likely. 

Human interactions are the cornerstone of what makes a memorable dining out experience, so the tech that integrates into that process needs to enhance that aspect instead of replacing it. Think of order and pay tech like the MSG of hospitality – enhancing the goodness that is already there. 

With guests conducting the transactional side of things, your available team are freed up to spend more time making them feel welcome, running orders and concentrating on upsells. 

A safety net that doesn’t call in sick 

How busy a restaurant or bar is on a certain night can really fluctuate, and with the added pressure of staffing uncertainty, this can run havoc on service. While technology can’t replace a person, it can make working with fewer numbers a more palatable option. 

If you’re short a person or two, you can lean on your order and pay tech, meaning the team members you have on hand don’t need to spend the night processing bills and running orders through your point of sale. You can take this to the next level by encouraging QR orders only when seating customers. This allows you to focus your attention on maintaining a smooth level of operation with the team you have – whether that means putting more people behind the bar or having extra hands to run dishes. 

Sharing tips 

Staffing dramas are easier to keep a lid on when you lower the amount of turnover. Unfortunately, staff are difficult to source at the moment, but with the right incentives, you can help keep them onboard longer. 

Order and pay products often come with a tipping function that increases the number and size of tips received. This is due to the seamless way the tipping functionality is presented to diners with preset percentages and multiple payment methods. We’ve seen tips increase by as much as 300% through me&u, which is a surefire way to keep your team invested and boost morale!

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