How to help your staff earn more tips

September 16, 2022
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When staff earn tips, it’s good for everyone. Who doesn’t love a cherry on top of a job well done? One common misconception is that digital ordering and payment will see tips go the way of the dodo (flightless losers). We’re here to show you the opposite is the case and give you some pointers for earning more tips. 

Digital ordering doesn’t mean digital service 

When guests order and pay through a QR-powered mobile platform, it doesn’t remove the hospitality from their time in your venue. In fact, in our experience, the opposite is the case. Without the admin of taking and processing orders, you’ll have more time to focus on guests' enjoyment. 

Show guests the ropes 

Start by showing customers how to use me&u and make sure they’re comfortable with your processes. If guests are hesitant or find mobile ordering tricky, be sure they have a handle on how to order before you leave them. An excellent way to ensure they’re set up is to show them the process on your own phone and check each of their devices to see they’re where they should be and are ready to rock. 

The more equipped your customers are to use me&u, the more likely you’ll be to receive tips when they pay for their items. 

Fresh ingredients and fresher banter

If you have signature items, specials and cocktails, spend time discussing them with guests. Talk up the seasonal ingredients and the things that your venue does differently. With reduced time on admin tasks, you can really dial up your selling opportunities. 

Think of this as a good time to make upsells and cross-sells too. Your visual menu will do lots of heavy lifting here, but the personal touch goes a long way. This level of interaction is a pivotal moment in the tip journey, as you’ll show guests the standard they can expect from your venue and what makes you unique and worth returning to. 

ABC = Always be cool 

Digital ordering and payment doesn’t mean your guests should be left to their own devices (literally). Check in and see how they’re enjoying everything, recommend sides or show them how to reorder drinks at the push of a button. 

Make a solid final impression

When customers are ready to leave, they’ll be able to handle the transactional side of the visit on their phones. This frees you up to offer them a big goodbye, invite them back for more, ask them how their food was and all the other niceties. More time spent making guests feel welcome and looked after = higher tips. 

Sweet, so where are my tips? 

You just read them! (Insert Seinfeld bass.)

When guests pay through me&u, they’ll be prompted to leave a tip in percentage increments. This is an intuitive process, and we typically see an over 30% increase in tip values compared to cash and card payments. 

Now, get out there and hustle. 

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