How to hire and train the best restaurant staff

December 18, 2023
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Hiring and training killer staff is critical for any successful business. 

Your staff is the face of your restaurant and they’re responsible for providing a great dining experience for your guests. The better they are, the more efficient and productive they’ll be too, which is a plus for your bottom line.

Here are some tips for hiring and training. 

1. Establish your core values

What are the most important things to you and your business? Do you value customer service, teamwork, or creativity? Once you know your core values, you can start to look for candidates who embody those values.

2. Write clear job descriptions

Your job descriptions should outline the essential duties and responsibilities of the position, as well as the required qualifications and experience.

3. Post your job openings in the right places

You can post your openings on job boards, social media, and your restaurant's website. You can also reach out to local culinary schools and hospitality programs.

4. Screen candidates carefully

This may involve reviewing their resumes, conducting phone interviews, and conducting in-person interviews. During the interview process, be sure to ask questions about the candidate's experience, qualifications, and why they're interested in working at your restaurant.

5. Hire the best candidates

Be sure to make your hiring decision based on the candidate's qualifications, experience, and fit with your restaurant's culture. A tip on interviews: Inspect the work, not the person.

6. Train your new hires

This training should cover everything from your restaurant's menu and policies to your customer service standards. Here are some training tips:

  • Start with a comprehensive overview of your restaurant - your restaurant's history, mission, values, and menu.
  • Train your staff on all aspects of their job duties -  everything from how to greet and seat customers to how to prepare and serve food.
  • Provide your staff with hands-on training-  the best way for them to learn the job and develop their skills.
  • Give your staff feedback on their performance - help them to identify areas where they need to improve.
  • Continue to train your staff - keep them up-to-date on your restaurant's policies and procedures, and to learn new skills.

7. Retain your best staff

This means creating a positive work environment where they feel valued and appreciated. You can do this by offering competitive pay and benefits, providing opportunities for advancement, and recognising and rewarding their hard work.


  • Look for candidates with the right attitude. Just as important as experience and qualifications is the right attitude. You want to hire people who are positive, enthusiastic, and willing to learn.
  • Be clear about your expectations. During the hiring process and training, communicate your expectations. Everything from your customer service standards to your dress code to your attendance policy.
  • Provide ongoing training and support. This will help them to stay up-to-date on your restaurant's policies and procedures, and to develop new skills.
  • Create a culture of feedback. Encourage your staff to give each other feedback, both positive and negative

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