How Vapiano UK achieved a 2900% ROI through Connect

October 21, 2022
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The background 

Vapiano UK is known for made-to-order Italian deliciousness. Every pasta, risotto and pizza dish is totally personalised, so diners can have their meal exactly as they like.

And this customisable approach to dishing up plates of yum extends to the way the restaurant chain goes about its marketing. Through Connect, Vapiano serves up comms that achieve only the best results. 

Know your audience 

We spoke to Vapiano UK’s Marketing Manager, Lia Lambros, about how they get the most out of Connect and our purpose-built hospitality CRM. 

Lia tells us what attracted them to the CRM is how it uses data to speak to guests’ preferences. And considering the chain’s business model, this should be no surprise.

“It’s hugely important to know who our guests are, what they enjoy and reward their loyalty,” says Lia.  

Personalising content 

The level of personalisation available through Connect helps venues send out communications that customers actually care about, and Vapiano uses the feature well. 

“We select audiences in terms of what they want. If they want kids' promotions, we put them into the family category. And then we have age groups, vegan, vegetarian, etc. We look at what they want to see communicated to them,” says Lia. 

The results 

Over one weekend, Vapiano sent out an SMS campaign encouraging click-and-collect and delivery orders to customers who had purchased in the past three months. 

Off the back of the £600 Vapiano spent setting up the campaign, they brought in a whopping £18,000 in sales. That’s an ROI of 2900%.

None of this is a slow burn, either. Lia tells us they often see results pour in instantaneously when their campaigns are active. 

“We sent out an email, and it was actually the same day, that evening, that we saw redemptions in terms of vouchers,” says Lia.

Advice for businesses looking to do the same

 Lia shared one piece of advice for businesses looking to replicate Vapiano’s results.

“Just personalise it. It’s a great place to start for marketers. It creates loyalty at the end of the day,” she says. 

“It’s 2022. You can personalise emails. You can customise it!” 

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