New Century case study: Doubling databases and rocking out with multi-vendor ordering

March 10, 2023
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New Century is a venue with a rich musical heritage and boasts a spacious 1200-capacity band room, as well as a modern food hall and higher education spaces. In order to enhance guests' experiences, the venue has implemented state-of-the-art hospitality technology. Here's how they do it.

Order from six vendors in one transaction 

“Each of our different vendors and traders offers a different experience for each customer. So whatever the customer is feeling that day, we would like to accommodate,” says New Century’s Marketing Director Leon Shaw. 

Leon sure wasn’t lying. Guests can order sushi, pizza, cocktails, banh mi, burgers, tacos, pastries and more in one go.

This is made possible through me&u's multi-vendor ordering function, which allows guests to purchase from multiple vendors in one transaction. They simply add each item to their cart and checkout. Each vendor receives their part of the order on their live order screen and through their POS printer, and payment is divvied accordingly.

“My big part of finding an ordering system for this venue was not having to go in and out of things as much as possible. With me&u, you can transcend between venues within a venue, and it’s just a lot easier to work with,” says New Century General Manager Paul Dixon. 

Better guest experiences

A big part of New Century’s appeal is the time guests spend together,  so it was essential for them to incorporate tech that adds to that experience.

“We have the little ringlets on every table that makes it really fast and doesn’t take the customer away from what they’re here to do, which is enjoy each other’s company and enjoy really good food,” says Marketing Director Leon. 

“There’s no sign-up sheets or dodgy pop-ups that come up. It’s very user-friendly, and I think it really enhances their user experience.” 

A system built for hospitality 

Guest experiences are front-of-mind for any venue, but the behind-the-scenes stuff is just as important. New Century loves having a platform that’s just as easy for them to use as it is for the customer.

“My favourite aspect of me&u is the ease of use for both an operator and a customer. Operationally, the system is really easy to navigate through. For customers, it’s really easy to be able to order from wherever you want in one transaction,” says GM Paul. 

Doubling databases through Connect 

New Century makes full use of me&u's marketing toolkit, Connect. This service helps venues unlock the potential of their data through a CRM that’s purpose-built for their needs – with automated customer journeys, intuitive email and SMS campaigns and aggregated views of all third-party data. Using serve Serve and Connect together helps venues increase their database opt-ins.

“As we moved on with me&u, our relationship grew with the CRM system that they offer as well, Connect. We’ve almost doubled our data pool since using it. The second they place an order, that data is then gathered, which I can then analyse back in the office,” says Marketing Director Leon.  

“It’s made it so that we have a greater understanding of who our audience is and what our audience wants. It gives me the data to try and make this the best operation it can be.” 

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