Relaxation meets up-to-date technology: A me&u case study in Byron Bay 

January 23, 2024
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In one sentence, Sean Callahan, Former Manager at Topshop in Byron Bay, describes his venue as “the ultimate crowd pleaser to cure everything from a hangover to the early morning caffeine blues to just getting the kids fed and out the door.”

“Topshop is a very busy little cafe, and the big problem that we had here was the incessant yelling down at the end of the counter, to the point where we really startled a lot of people,” Sean said. 

“And I said something had to be done about this and I got interested in me&u and we rolled it out. And now it’s a nice, relaxing spot that you’d hope you’d have in Byron Bay.”

Catering to everyone…

“me&u has completely transferred the style of service that we do here. me&u came along and we’ve now been able to tamp that down, give people the options to just order from sitting out on the grass. 

“Especially if you’re feeling pretty average coming out of the surf - lean over and order a coffee or some chips or whatever you need to cure you and just have it brought to you.

“It is that relaxation again, but it’s using up-to-date technology to get there.”

… and communicating to them individually

“We’re working on some new marketing-type stuff at the moment, to be able to segment out our customers that may be real kind of health-conscious, vegan, gluten-free, that sort of thing. 

“To be able to market through Connect to some of our customers, to remind them to say that we can cater to everything from the hardcore carnivores to the vegans to the gluten-free, whatever is in between. And to be able to have targeted marketing is going to be phenomenal for us.”

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