‍Royal Stacks + me&u = Single Stacks without the queue 

April 16, 2024
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Royal Stacks started with a love of pop culture and the belief that food, and most importantly burgers, are a powerful uniting force that can bring people from all walks of life together. With 11 locations around Melbourne, the newest is its flagship location in the middle of a bustling city thoroughfare.

We chatted with the Bourke Street supervisor, Aiofe, and chef, Georgia, to find out how the launch went (and the impact of me&u, duh).

Helping guests skip the queue

“I think everything's been rather smooth sailing since we've opened,” Aiofe said.

“There haven't been any long queues because we have me&u on the tables, this QR code ready to scan. People come and we give them the option to order from the tables. A lot of people prefer doing that, because then that means they can sit down and they don't feel almost under pressure that someone's waiting for them to order. They can order at their own leisure.”

“I like that,” Georgia said. “Even if I go out, I’d rather order on a QR code. It’s just easier, you don’t have to get up. Carry on your conversation, it’s good.”

But it’s not just about getting people to stay at their tables with their friends rather than crowding the POS. It’s about slinging more burgers.

“It works great for us here at Royal Stacks. It’s definitely rising the amount of single stacks we’re making.”

Stacked with nostalgia

“Royal Stacks is an in-dining experience,” Aiofe said. 

“I think the the founder, that was his vision for us, that 90s nostalgia, kind of like video arcade vibes. I think kind of whatever age you are, you can appreciate the period of time before the internet, phones and everything. And you could just sit and eat and enjoy the company you’re with.” [Yes, we get the irony, but we’re here for it.]

“It has like very nostalgic vibes, so it kind of takes you back to like your youth, like the 90s. The royalty comes not from elitism but for how our customers are treated.”

The freshest ingredients

“You know, you can go to any burger joint and everything's brought in,” Georgia said. “But you know, we make all the pies, we make all the make sauces. Everything's sourced locally from local people around here. Yeah, it's just about being fresh, really.

“It’s a really very simple menu, but everything is made really well. Pressing all our patties, we do everything ourselves - seasoning, sauces.

“At Royal Stacks, we introduced me&u technology, which allowed customers to skip the queue. It gives them more of a customer experience - if they're in a group of people, they can all sit down at the table and they don't have to get up to order. It also allows a visual menu so they can see pictures of the food that they're ordering.”

To help reduce queuing in your venue, get in touch to see how we can help.

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